Table tennis for Wii falls flat

There were some mixed opinions on the look of the port of Rockstar's Table Tennis for the Wii, but it's likely we all hoped for a good game, regardless of looks. Unfortunately, from our own JC Fletcher's impressions at PAX, it looks like we're not even getting that.

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Shaka2K64073d ago

And now its ported to the wii OMG i wonder what it looks like, ewwww bad graphics weak gameplay and as usuall all that wii gets it just ports of another games consoles LMAO what a freaking joke of a console the biggest flop in the history of gamming.
nintendo freaking die already all your casual trash is destroying the gaming industry.

4073d ago
Rooftrellen4073d ago

Graphics what?

It seems you confuse controls and graphics, since the controls are the problem. They made it like the 360 with having to hit buttons to control different things that should be controlled by timing and slight differences in how you swing.

I guess it just shows Rockstar's incompatance at making a good Wii game. If they want to make something like table tennis something that you have to hit lots of buttons for, and on the Wii, I shudder to think of what you might do with other games.

ChickeyCantor4073d ago

i have been doing it him some negative feedback....
....he is lost my friend...this model type is not able to learn and will always stay buggy...this tool is lost he really is.

Relientk774073d ago

the table tennis... or ping pong ... on Wii Play sux... i can easily say its the worst part of the Wii Play ... they have some other sick games like tanks, shooting gallery, and the wheres waldo thing where u find alike or dif miis... its cool

s8anicslayer4073d ago

i thought this would be a halfway decent game

codeazrael4073d ago

was enough to make me think that this game would be awesome. Has anyone played it hands on?