Fatal Frame III: The Tormented at Video Game Cowboys

VGC writes, "Rei Kurosawa is a young freelance photographer, mourning the death of her husband-to-be after a terrible accident on a rain-slicked road took his life. Unable to move on emotionally because she was driving the car, Rei throws herself into her work. One afternoon while she and her assistant Miku (the protagonist from the first Fatal Frame) are photographing the interior of a supposedly haunted house for a feature article in a magazine, Rei sees someone who looks an awful lot like her husband walking through the halls. Desperate to know who is playing tricks on her, she follows him through the passages only to get lost in a dream where she is laying on the floor, paralyzed, while a small group of girls clusters around her, preparing her for something. And because this is a Fatal Frame game, we know that it’s not to be the next contestant on American Idol."

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