Uwe Boll gets called out at penny arcade

After Boll's explanation of his film Postal, the film adaption of the popular PC title, several convention-goers stepped up to the Q&A mic to launch acerbic insults at the self-styled auteur, as well as ask a few genuine questions. In response to several questions that essentially distilled to, "Why do you keep making bad movies?" What does Uwe Boll do to counter...he blames it on poor video game plots.

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codeazrael4162d ago

If video game plots suck, then why not create your own plot and loosly make relation between the game and film? And even past that, if you "know" that the plot is going to suck and that the film is not going to do that great, then why even bother making it?

MK_Red4162d ago

Agreed. If he thinks those games suck then why he makes his games based on them?
And how on earth could Far Cry or Alone in the Dark suck? He's just looking for an excuse for his bad movies.

Arsenic134162d ago

In the postal trailer he did say his movies are funded by Nazi gold

MK_Red4162d ago

Well, here is a proof that he is 100% wrong and the problem is in his direction not the source games and material:

His latest movie is called "Seed" and is already called the WORST movie ever by some. It's entirely original and non-game related. Uwe Boll. Uwe called it his best film and a true non-game based one but those that have seen it consider it his worst.

codeazrael4162d ago

how guys like this get funding to create movies? I mean was he born into a wealthy family or what?

timmyp534162d ago

direct the god of war movie

Caxtus7504162d ago (Edited 4162d ago )

feel sorry for this guys...ok so he sucks? fine let him suck...but dont humiliate him infront of everyone all the time...its just not cool.

EDIT: ah just read the article....tasteless opening or what??? ok so some games have bad plots? dont make those ones then!

EDIT 2: read the WHOLE article now....basically this whole comemnt is a shambles....ignore ;) lol

Covenant4162d ago

Here's a really good question:

Who keeps financing this guy's awful, awful films?

He wouldn't be ruining so many films if SOMEONE wasn't backing him.

Unless, he's financing them himself...which strikes me as some kind of perverse sadism.

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