Resistance 3 Scans Are Here

Someone posted the scans from the Gameinformer 10 pages article on the GT forums.

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SnuggleBandit4543d ago (Edited 4543d ago )

Yes!!!!!!!!!!! Took long enough!

Now show me some gameplay pretty please :)))

SaberEdge4543d ago

I can't wait for Resistance 3. These look great.

Aggesan4543d ago (Edited 4543d ago )

The one thing that really stood out about Resistance 2 and made it truly awesome for me was the 8-player co op, and now they're removing it for Resistance 3!? That sux monkey balls! I'll still probably enjoy the sp campain, but my dreams about massive co op battles just went up in smoke :-(

Tapey4543d ago

Yeah the best things about Resistance 2 were the 60 person multiplayer and the great 8 player co-op, ditching both of these when they were pretty much the only things players and reviewers liked about the R2 is all kinds of retarded. I'd have this game down as a must buy if they were keeping those modes and improving them, but since they're scaling back and it will probably just be COD with space aliens then I couldn't care less. It really is a huge disappointment.

sinncross4543d ago

I agree with both of you.
I have no idea why the alternate co-op is being dropped (cant they possibly have 2 co-op options: campaign and the 8 player one?)

I also don't get the drop in 60 player battles: I understand that streamling things is definitely a good move, but they must keep the large scale battles: at least 40 players and add vehicles/ new BF MP modes to it.
I think the best move would be to have the streamlined section, but also allow ppl to participate in the large battles: let players choose.

Dysmorphic4543d ago

I strongly disagree with all of you.

Firstly, co-op. While the co-op in R2 was enjoyable enough it basically boiled down to doing the exact same thing each time. For example, Medic - stand here, aim gun at enemies, heal other players. Spec-Ops - stand here, aim gun at enemies, chuck ammo to other players. Soldier - stand here, aim gun at enemies, deploy shield to protect other players. Rinse and repeat. It could simply not match the intensity and enjoyment of R:FoM's campaign co-op.

I fondly remember slowing down time with the FarEye allowing my friend to frantically throw grenades into incoming enemies, which, upon detonation sent them into oblivion. Good times, and ones that simply couldn't be matched in R2.

Secondly, the multiplayer. I never could get into R2's multiplayer and it was because of a few things. Too many players - there really was no point in having that much. Load-outs instead of pick-ups - took the fun away of desperately sprinting towards a rocket launcher, nabbing it and firing it in the direction of the enemy that was also trying to obtain said weapon. It took on too many aspects of CoD and as a result lost its own unique identity. If I wanted to play CoD, I would.

There's probably things that I've missed but you get where I'm coming from. This isn't meant as a personal attack either, I'm only stating my opinion. Sorry for the wall of text as well, I was in a lengthy-postin' mood. :)


Thats right folks.... The 8 player coop and 60 multiplayer in resistance 2 are removed in resistance 3, and its mostly because Insomniac will be porting thie game to the XBOX.... which cannot support those reatures in its console. The fact is that Insomniac was rumored to be pushing a multiplatform game since they are not owned by sony... and this is their most likely port because its an awesome shooter... sad part is we ps3 users have a inferior game as a result of Xbox...

Strange_Evil4543d ago

^^^ You do know that Resistance 3 is a PS3 exclusive and an IP owned by Sony so it has 0 chance of coming to the 360... Comment Fail!!!

AtatakaiSamurai4543d ago

what the hell is wrong with these gaddamned developers. why can't they just *ucking listen!

why remove 8player co-op. so many fans LOVED that and 30v30. why why why!!!

why not just add campaign co-op to 8player co-op? forget all these losers talking crap about how they didn't like 8player co-op, *uck tehm, they can go play the gazillion games with just 8v8 and 4player co-op all day long.

you think if halo had 8player co-op & 30v30 that wouldn't be called the most uber game in the whole galaxy? no one would say one bad thing about that but resistance does it and it's got to be criticized in some way

I'm so mad right now. they could have done both. why not take the best of both games that fans loved and give more to the fans instead of taking away and changing formulas to be like yet another FPS that come a dime a dozen.

*UCK!!!!!! i'm so mad right now.

ZombieNinjaPanda4543d ago


Not sure if you fell from the stupid tree lately or something, but Resistance is an IP that is owned by Sony. If it were to be ported, that means Microsoft would have had to pay millions if not more to Sony directly to acquire any access to it.

In other words, slim chance Jim.

HolyOrangeCows4542d ago

Already saw these in the latest Game Informer.

guitarded774542d ago

Looks darker like Fall of Man... I like this.

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ABizzel14543d ago

Most of this are the old images :(

But I can't wait :)

TheLastGuardian4542d ago (Edited 4542d ago )

You think these are old you should see Playstation the official Magazine. I just got the new PTOM today and they didn't even mention Resistance 3 like they didn't even know it was revealed when they printed the copies. That game was revealed 2 months ago.

I don't know when they finish their magazines but every month is more old news. It's like they never put any breaking news in at the last minute. They should release their magazines a month earlier than they do.

I had a subscription for a couple of years but that just ended last month. Of course the first magazine I don't get is the one with my most anticipated game on the cover. I had to go out and buy the PTOM with the cover story on Twisted Metal.

PHOSADRA4542d ago

I really don't understand why the Resistance franchise is overlooked so often in the FPS world....

It truly is a great game....

deafwing4542d ago

... and article makes a good point about some gamers who get attached to characters. I like the set up though - Capelli marrying hales sister, has sick kid, possible future character there ... and whole F SRPA motive on Capelli's part ... but yea I wouldn't be surprised if he kicked bucket in this one to since the chimera basically took over

Jamegohanssj54542d ago

WAIT WHAT THE FUCK! HALE IS DEAD?! I don't know if I want this game now. Yes I am being serious.


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CountDracula4543d ago (Edited 4543d ago )


How artistic. LOL

Quagmire4543d ago

i like it, take the greys from resistance 1, take the yellows from resistance 2, combine them together, and BOOM, Resistance 3.

Dragun6194543d ago

You should note that's it's been 4 years after the conclusion of resistance 2, and by now the invasion is over and now it's all about survival. So obiviously it's going to look dark and gray because everything been destroyed with small communities of humanity living underground while on the surface, the planet is slowly transforming to a planet for the chimera.

TricoHD4543d ago

War isn't meant to be pretty.

Chubear4543d ago (Edited 4543d ago )

Pfft, you haven't played Halo then. War is filled with pretty florescent purples, pinks, blues, golds, yellows and playboy black.

You obviously have no clue what war looks like. It doesn't have to be gritty at all you noob :/

despair4542d ago

it also doesn't have to look like a you watching it on LSD. whats wrong with either?

All_4_One4543d ago

Dark, gritty, cold looking environments add so much to the atmosphere in my opinion, especially FPS games. Resistance 2 was too colorful, I`m glad the grey is back. I can get my color fix in games like LBP just fine.

HDgamer4543d ago

I guess you love war with power rangers and a pretty pink blood spurts.

DNAbro4542d ago

If you could shoot power rangers that would make it epic.

ArcFatalix4543d ago

UC2 = colours, resistance - grey and orange.

It only does everything.

RussDeBuss4543d ago

grey is good. te only people that complained about the drab colours of r1 were the critics that were in love with halo and wanted it to b more like it.

the people that loved r1 loved it for its atmosphere. the late the 1940's dullness with a bit of alien tech mixed in there.

r2 just killed it, that took too many of the complaints onboard from r1, but al of them complaints came from fanboys that wouldn't have liked the game even if it was a direct port of halo or gears just because it was ps3s first big game.

i loved it. single player had a unique atmosphere, the narrator was cool as well, and multiplayer was cool as well. nice and simple, 40 players, nothing complicated, it just worked.

r2 was a completley different game, and i didn't like it.

sdtarm4543d ago

OUCH! My Eyes, ur avatar represents ur stpid comments!

ico924542d ago

but jlg112592 has a point, during the apocalypse where mankind is on the brink of extinction and the whole world is just falling apart , everything should be happy,bright and colourful with butterfly's,sunshine and rainbows, and magical elves, unicorns.../SARCHASM!!!

Bowzabub4542d ago

Don't you know that war games aren't supposed to look like an Austin Powers movie? Take Halo for example... oh wait..

FACTUAL evidence4542d ago

So much trolling.

How original. LOL

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extermin8or4543d ago

WTF we want gray and darkness lol, It's what made R1 so good xD

kasasensei4543d ago

No, it's campaign coop. :p

Black-Helghast4543d ago

Yes!!! No more 8Player co-op! And a better online! Can't wait for this game! <3

thor4543d ago

What do you mean "Yes no more 8-player co-op"?? Co-op was possibly the best part in many people's eyes.

extermin8or4543d ago

nah, I didn't like it that much either, it was good but they decided to make the chimara take stupid damage as a substitute for double the larger numbers of them they put in it :)

raztad4543d ago (Edited 4543d ago )

I enjoyed (enjoy) the 8-player coop a lot. In fact I bought R2 because of it. Kinda sad it is not gonna be in R3, I understand why tho. Resources and time are limited and we want the game to be as polished as possible, so it is better to be focused. 2-player SP campaign coop is already a huge amount of work. IG should work on a later (add on?) or stand alone game (like they are doing with R&C:A4O) with the full 8-player coop mode.

SaberEdge4543d ago

I like Campaign co-op better. But I'm sorry for those of you that will really miss it. I thought it did have some good ideas and was pretty fun.

All_4_One4543d ago

Man, Resistance 3 is looking real good.

units4543d ago

we havent even seen any gameplay

Dioxinis4543d ago

Honestly how bad can the gameplay be?

the first 2 were great i cant really see this one being any worse.

its looking good because people like the world they have created and it looks like its going to turn out to be another great entry in the series so

yes its looking good

NAGNEWS4543d ago

i really don't care so much about the graphic, i need more Bedtime Stories.