PALGN: Medal of Honor Review

PALGN writes: "Trying to compete with two of the biggest FPS franchises on the market requires more than gameplay, more than story - it demands brilliance in every area. Medal of Honor has attempted to offer something on a par with Modern Warfare 2 and Battlefield: Bad Company 2, each distinctive and each terrific in its own area of expertise. Before development started, Electronic Arts must have known that the odds were against them. Medal of Honor is recognised as a classic war game with great set pieces, but this latest addition to the series brings it into a present day setting. There's been plenty of hype and excitement for what promised to be the most refreshing Medal of Honor game ever made. In hindsight, taking a leap into the 21st Century was a tragic mistake."

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BeOneWithTheGun3142d ago

This game failed on many fronts. I saw what they WANTED to go for but from the cartoony graphics, the HUGE amount of jaggies and short SP campaign it just didn't see fruition. From all the hype and dev diaries, I was expecting Rainbow 6 meets Splinter Cell. Nope. Battlefield 1943 with turbans.