Fallout: New Vegas Hardcore Mode Offers 'Special Reward'

StrengthGamer: In Fallout: New Vegas, you can turn on what they call "Hardcore Mode". In this mode, "Stimpacks heal over time and cannot mend broken limbs, Rad-Away removes radiation over time, ammunition has weight, and dehydration is a constant concern". According to a few devs, you will have to eat, sleep, and drink every day in this mode. However, there is a reward to be had.

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josh143993696d ago

could be a trailer for Bethesda's next game or a unique ending. im not gonna bother playing this mode though because it seems more of a chore than fun.

DavidMacDougall3696d ago

I really wanna play it, it better be hard.

A Cupcake for Gabe3696d ago

Hardcore sounds cool. But my initial playthrough will be on normal mode. Cause when I play first it's always as a good character. When I'm surviving on hardcore mode, I'll end up evil. Since it's all about living, I won't give a shot about being good. I'll kill everyone just to survive.

Christopher3696d ago

Hardcore is hard, but it's also a bit tedious. The hardest part is managing ammo and weapons now as well. Highly suggest putting a good amount into strength just for the encumbrance limit increase.

EliteAssass1n3696d ago

i'll try hardcore mode on maybe the 2nd or 3rd playthough. Really excited to get my hands on this game.

MSpence5163696d ago

I will try it on my second evil play through as well. Will also do unarmed on this try since ammo will be cumbersome.

vhero3695d ago

thing with this special reward is you have to complete the game in hardcore.. So it's not an in game item. I come to this conclusion as you cannot continue the game once completed. Unless it unlocks an items permanently for future games. If so I may just download a save off the net for this as to be fair it sounds more like a chore than a fun run through fallout. I want to enjoy my play through and although I get why they put this mode in I think it would ruin the game for me personally. So I will avoid.

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Hellsvacancy3696d ago

I hope theres a trophy 4 it (not seen the list yet)

Jack-Pyro3696d ago

There is, it's worth 100 GS or a Gold Trophy, but you have to put it on in the beginning and never take it off.

Christopher3696d ago

Personally don't like that there's a trophy for this. The game is a long one and while this tends to work for games that can be completed in a max of 12 hours on a play through, you may spend a good 40 hours on hardcore mode just for this one trophy.

plb3696d ago

Will FO:NV be bug infested like FO3 for PS3?

Motorola3696d ago

if it is, i will cry :[ If not...then im happy and will platinum it :D

A Cupcake for Gabe3696d ago

Everyone experienced bugs. On PS3 MZ was glitches bad, but other said only OpAnch was buggy. I never had any issues with Pitt except the unmarked side quest "Wild Bill" never activated.(basically a women asks for you to find her man an you do in the scrapyard. He's dead an has a special weapon, but he never appeared).

Hopefully NV will turnabout solid.

Matthew943696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

EVERY fallout is bug infested

its almost part of what makes fallout fallout. I have an unofficial fallout 1 patch and it clears up over 1000 bugs, yes 1000.

wait 2-6 months for some patches

mistajeff3695d ago

it's so true. i've been playing fallout 2 with that killap restoration mod, it fixes SO many bugs and even adds in a bunch of lost content (like finding sulik's sister and his tribe).

whatever, i've enjoyed them all with and (eventually) without bugs, i've learned to ignore it. i just hope there won't be bugs that make quests impossible to complete or stuff like that. those are really the only bugs i care about.

IrishYamato3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

Hopefully not, in Fallout 3 GOTY edition, The Pitt area was completely unplayable- it annoyed the crap out of me.

SpideyNut3696d ago

...but yes, The Pitt nearly killed it for me. I've never seen a game stutter/freeze so much, for no apparent reason, as it did in The Pitt. At it's best, the framerate was probably around 15-18 FPS.

plb3696d ago

This is my main concern. Look at the developer session here:

The dev dodges every question regarding bugs in the PS3 version which is why it may be a repeat of FO3 =\

fishyjoes3696d ago

I was able to platium the GOTY edition at first it kept on freezing all the time so i just disabled auto save that saved all my problems

Megaton3696d ago

I almost got robbed of the achievement for collecting all the steel ingots in The Pitt because a certain building you have to climb stopped clipping. Fell right through it to an off-map death. A series of resets finally fixed it.

dalibor3696d ago

I hope that is not the case. They should take some time to polish the PS3 version then. I have FO3 without the dlc included and I really have not had any problems what so ever. It seems like the dlc is what is causing all the problems. I downloaded one of the dlc but it isn't the Pitt. Hopefully all versions of the game run smooth though for new vegas.

Philoctetes3696d ago

Wow. I had seen that article before but I hadn't read the comments section. It's really disconcerting to see the developer refuse to say whether the game will run equally well across consoles. Ouch.

HellsJanitor3695d ago

Unplayable, really? I had one bug in my 5 time completing it. You can can fall through a roof in the area with the steel ignots.

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Lykon3696d ago

i only got bugs with the dlc on ps3 , the main game was fine

vhero3695d ago

I would love it if we don't have to complete the game like 5 times to get all trophys I loved F3 but thanks to the constant crashing going thorugh 5 times was an impossibility got to my 3rd playthrough and almost smashed my TV thanks to constant crashing.

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Kingdom Come3696d ago

Considering I plan to play the game on Hardcore Mode. Let's hope it's something interesting...

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