Frogster Announce Details of Runes of Magic Update Coming Soon

Frogster have announced that they will soon release the next content update for the popular online role-playing game Runes of Magic, opening up a new area for gamers to explore. In the remote confines of the Southern Janost Forest, new enemies await. Among the many additions that players might encounter is the new world boss, Amboriar; lying unanimated for thousands of years, Amboriar has awoken. It will be up to the players to keep the powerful Amboriar from falling under the control of dark forces and wreaking havoc on Zandorya.

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ChozenWoan3291d ago

since they removed Diamonds from the AH, and EQ2x was released, I haven't been playing RoM lately.

EQ2x may be lacking in the graphics department, but it makes up for it in lots of ways. Although I must admit that RoM has some features I'd like to see in EQ2x, but all in all EQ2x is the better game.