Touchable Love Plus and How Konami Made It Happen

While news about a touchable demo of Love Plus has already run rampant through the Internet, TK-Nation goes one step further and investigates exactly RePro 3D means and how it managed to make the entire thing possible.

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Neckbear3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

I wonder if this will be compatible on the 3DS. It looks like it needs some work, from the looks of the video, but it's still VERY impressive.
Either way, man, Virtual Girlfriends straight out of Sci-Fi.

tknation3295d ago

No kidding.

While the video and the images indicate it still needs a lot of work, the fact remains is that the technology is nothing but research fodder right now. Imagine the possibilities if Konami decided to pour money into this and use the technology for their next installment of Love Plus!

Actually, I'm afraid of that eventuality but yeah, you're right. This is straight from Sci-FI.