Download Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty Patch v1.1.2

As was expected this new patch has some good improvements on the Zerg race and some balancing changes with Terran and Protoss.
If you want to download the Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty patch v1.1.2 click Here.

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Adu883287d ago

finally they've improved Zerg a bit..

despair3287d ago

i find it funny that they included the word "free" in the headline, like its something unexpected, why would a patch cost you?

OT: Zerg really got the worst of it in MP, hope they continue to bring them on par with the other races, this is a promising start.

Raoh3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

I'm confused? What do they think this is Xbox Live?

Adu883287d ago

Blizzard announced in a statistic that only 26% play Zerg, 36% play Terran and 38% play Protoss..don't remember the exact numbers, but the top is the same 1.Protoss 2. Terran 3. Zerg..and they really should boots Zerg a bit more

JsonHenry3287d ago

Yeah man, zerg has no late game unless you are fortunate enough to be able to build a lot of Brood-Lords. And even then you have to make a massive amount of support units to keep them from being shot down.

Early game though zerg can hang with the best of them.

LightofDarkness3287d ago

I dunno, Brutalisks are probably the strongest of the tanks in my experience, but no one ever really gets to build enough of them. You're right about Brood-lords though, they are absolutely essential later on.

Perjoss3287d ago

there is no brutalisk in multiplayer, you propably meant ultralisk. The Ultralisk does have its problems though, a big unit like that should not have so many pathing issues, a single zergling can block its path where as the Colussus can walk all over friendly armies. Note that the Colussus does not even need this as its a ranged unit, The Ultralisk desperatly needs the ability to pass through friendly armies (or at least give it the passive ability to force friendly ranged units out of the way temporarily) so it can get in range for its melee attacks.

Obviously at high level play units are micro managed to all hell and this becomes less of an issue, but SC is not only about 1600+ diamond, there are tons of people trying to enjoy the bronze, silver, gold and plat leagues as Zerg too.

IMO just swap the movement styles of the ultra and colossus in regards to being able to walk over friendly units.

LightofDarkness3287d ago

Ha, the weird thing is I caught myself thinking brutalisk and corrected it in my head. I guess I ended up typing it anyway. This is not a good morning for me :p

STONEY43286d ago

Actually... I think Zerg has the best end-game, provided you have 3 or more bases. Brood Lords are the most amazing base breaker in the game. And if you're making Brood Lords, you'll have some Corrupters for anti-air, and hopefully ground support in the form of Roaches and lings. Ultralisks demolish Stalker/Colossi armies. (provided they're not blocked).

Early games is crap though. Zerg is forced to constantly defend and barely survive, and things don't get going until you finally get about 40 or so drones and Lair tech, then you can finally start doing your own pressure and map control (Mutalisks), delaying pushes while halving they're HP (Infestors), and long-range support (Hydras).

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comancsm3287d ago

Nice patch, zerg is the best

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