Captain America: Super Soldier Gameplay Footage Shot at New York Comic-Con

The new Captain America game has been taking part of the comic-to-game-to-movie recent uprising and was glorified on multiple screens at the Sega booth during New York Comic-Con. I stopped to ooh and ahh a bit, and grabbed some footage of the gameplay one of the developers was showing off of the avenger in action during the show.

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theherp803286d ago

Cap is only good in comic form

mastiffchild3286d ago

Well, even there CA isn't MY fave(used to be a decent burger joint in Norwich when I was a tiny, little kid though! Wonder if it's still there-they had great milkshakes-I wonder? Mmmmmmh, milkshakes)and this game's combat needs to sort itself RIGHT out if it wants to avoid becoming a second division AA clone. Meh, meh and meh so far and the vision change wasn't EVEN as interesting as detective vision in AA either.

Not promising to my mind, not yet anyway.

himdeel3286d ago

...I'd be pleasantly surprised :) Otherwise I'm hopeful.

K-Tuck3286d ago

I think that would be a long shot.

JsonHenry3286d ago

This looks like a decent game to me. Sure, it may seem like a Batman rip off, but I can think of a LOT worse things to have ripped off.

princejb1343285d ago

game is gonna dissapoint in my opinion
i suggest they dont release a demo
its gonna go from low sales to practically none if they release a demo

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Kingdom Come3286d ago

Of Ed Brubaker's run on the Captain America Comics.

Snarkasaur3286d ago

Hoping this is as good as Arkham and Shattered Dimensions.

HeavenlySnipes3286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

to be AA. They should have made you be able to throw people through walls, and break shit. They make him look as strong as Batman in that game when he's supposed to be superhuman.If they made you a miniature hulk breaking limbs, throwing people through walls, breaking shit with your shiield then this game would be awesome.

Baka-akaB3286d ago

Except he is pretty much like batman physically . He is not really superhuman , only the peak of normal humans with awesome skills .

Dnied3286d ago

That video felt a lot like batman AA

despair3286d ago

was thinking the same but it also looked like a lesser version.

OhReginald3286d ago

HUH!? how the hell did it remind you of batman AA!??

HeavenlySnipes3286d ago

fighting mechanics. They made an awesome character have a ripoff game. : (

NoBias3286d ago

How can you not see them trying to make it like Batman AA? The slow motion during the fighting mechanic. The camera placement. Throwing the shield. Super detailed environments (for the genre).

They're trying hard to make it like AA but not enough to get in trouble ha. But hell, Castlevania got away with it.

OhReginald3286d ago

did you even play batman: AA!? the fighting mechanics are nothing like this!

Congentleman3286d ago

Same fighting mechanics (it even had the same animations and sound effects for Pete's sake), same Bat-vision thing, same camera (except they centered it for when you're not fighting), same AI, same Batarang/Shield mechanics, etc.

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GoldPS33286d ago

Doesn't look all that great

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The story is too old to be commented.