Microsoft Cuts Xbox 360 Console Bundle by $100


"In a fire shot across the bow of both Sony and Nintendo, Microsoft began to offer an Xbox 360 4 GB Console bundle for a whopping 30% discount!

The console bundle includes all of the following for only $249 (Reg. $349) with Free shipping:"

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NYC_Gamer3697d ago

MS is really going hard to win this holiday

itani3697d ago

4GB? So basically a console without a hard drive.

-Alpha3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

But it's an effective strategy. And it sells, so clearly people don't mind it.

MS offers a variety of models, which guarantees a likelier chance of selling. It's something I wish Sony would do. Many people would still prefer an 80GB PS3, or even a 40GB. It's for consumers who don't expect to use the consoles for too much.

They could easily market the console at a lower price that way. Imagine $199 40GB PS3s. Sony's standard is like 120 GB right now, which is a lot, but the lack of a lower SKU option also removes the ability for people who may prefer a lot less space for a lot less money.

4GB is an extremely odd number to use though. I don't see why MS can't do 20GB or 10GB. Their HDDs are also ridiculously overpriced.

This is a pretty decent bundle considering you get $50 worth of XBL Points, an extra controller and 12 months of XBL.

m233697d ago

if you really want you can stick a couple usb drives in for like 32 gigs I think.

Chaos693697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

You could always plug in a USB stick (up to 32GB) and install your games on it. Or just buy a X360 with 250GB HD.

MorganX3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

Don't need an HD. I have the 4G and don't miss it. I would like to be able to add USB to all 4 inputs. Cuz I'm a technophile. I use microSD cards for their tinyness. Running Castlevania off 2 8G Class 4 micrSDs. Could just use one 16G USB Stick, but that's not as cool. MicroSD's are expensive to meet the performance requirements though. With 3 USBs in the back, just add two cheapish 16G USB sticks. Don't use 32s. You'll only be able to use 16G of a 32. You can however use 2 16Gs for 32Gig of storage.

HDs in consoles are obsolete IMO. No one buys and downloads movies anymore, not with Netflix and Zune and HD. People with huge DivX libraries can just stream them from the HD they're already one or plug in a thumbdrive.

While no one is talking about it so users of existing Xboxes don't get upset, the 360s is just a bit faster at everything.

It's a great deal. Just need MS to lift the 2 storage device limit.

Edit: Nextgen won't have Physical HDs. Taking bets now. Google iSSD. Internal flash with no external limits, that's next gen. Now, what will be the optical format is a good question. But, with flash being so cheap, why not sell games on 32G of flash ROM? Or smaller for games that don't need it. Castlevania is 2 DVDs, but only 12.3G of data. Doesn't even need Blu-ray. Nextgen should be great for techies.

ImpartialMan3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

and spend like 150 bucks on it.

i really dont get this xbox fanboy sales talk....

the PS3 has been always more expensive.. so why talk sales?

if the price was exactly the same, we already know who is going to win sales game.

mittwaffen3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

Reality, speculation when you have facts on prices is foolish to do.

Also way to overstate pricing, as if you know what you are talking about, USB would be the best method to gain alot of storage. While if price didnt matter you could get an official HDD.

32GB Flash - 50 dollars

Why do people talk sales? Because in business that is ALL that matters, everything else is second to sales in the end. If money isnt made, less can be done and vice versa.

This isnt fanboy talk, Chaos was just giving everyone a tip on how to make better use of this sale price. Or if price doesnt matter, you can get a 250GB, makes sense to me.

Seems like you are picking for a fight, or you are completely ignorant, way to thread crap on a perfectly mature conversation.

Well..mature intill you started on the prowl.

SaberEdge3697d ago

4GB is what the original Xbox has so yeah it basically is a harddrive. It may not be enough for some people, but like Alpha-Male22 said, it will be enough for other people.

Ju3697d ago

"This is a pretty decent bundle considering you get $50 worth of XBL Points, an extra controller and 12 months of XBL"

For $249? How is that reasonably priced? Just because 249 < 299 ? Sure, it is the smaller number.

No HDD, no BD player still $50 bucks more. Sure, a second controller and the $50 points are decent. But I still think it does not compensate for a HDD and a BD player.

I like how people are all excited to "patch" up their 4GBs with 2x USB sticks. So, that put's you even closer to $299 and it's still a good deal? I dont't get it.

MorganX3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

They're not patching it up. Why would they pay $100 for storage they'll never actually use. That's a game and a year of Live!

If for some reason they need storage, 16-32gb thumbdrive is cheap. Most have one on their keychain they don't use.

If someone does need the HD, just buy it. But not many do. A whole lot of Arcade games fit in 4G since the average is less than 350MB adn that's big. The people complaining are people who don't have one.

Edit: Most disc based games on 360 don't install to the HD anyway. As long as those that do install on USB storage like Castlevania:LoS, no problem.

SaberEdge3697d ago

Not everybody has the same needs, Ju. For example, some people might already own a Blu-ray player, in which case such a feature wouldn't really be a selling point for those people. Or the console might be intended for more than one person and they really like to play two player games, in which case the extra controller would be an important thing to have.

Besides, you assume that people would be choosing to buy a 360 instead of a PS3, when in fact this bundle might be good for people that already have a PS3 and want to get a 360 too.

MorganX3697d ago

get two of these instead for $50

Remember, MS has limited us to 2 x 16G USB storage. If you use 32GB Half of each stick will go to waste. I believe this is an arbitrary limit cuz MS still wants to sell overpriced HDs. But there could be a technical reason. Until they give us one, I still call [email protected]$t on that.

Ju3697d ago

You can argue what ever you want. You'll buy either a HDD or a USB stick sooner or later (see comments of other people here).

$199 is a reasonable price and I could understand. $249 is not.

NoBias3697d ago

This is actually a really really good deal...

nycredude3697d ago

Weak sauce!! LOL 4 gb. My flash card has more memory! My E Reader calculator has more memory.

DaTruth3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

Okay, wait a minute... Couldn't I just get a PS3 with 120gb for $299. How is this a good deal with only 4gb and no Bluray.

To buy any HDD later would cost me $100. $50 more dollars for a PS3 destroys this! How are people ignoring this fact?

When my 60gig phat died, I was considering getting a 360 until I repaired my PS3. But any 360 that compares to PS3 features is the same price and no Bluray. The cheaper 360 is just too barebones(no wifi, no HDD) and not worth $199. I was forced to get another PS3!

Rhythmattic3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )


Less is more, is less........

Thats MS's strategy, pretty much the same reason there is so many ridiculous variants of Win 7, more or less....

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Chaos693697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

In before :
"M$ is desperatez"
"Xbawks gat no gamez"
"tha salez, tha salez"!
"4GB? So basically a console without a hard drive"

wicked3697d ago

You don't need a hard drive, only one game requires an install; and 4gb is plenty for game saves etc. I run my profile and saves off a 8gb USB stick. So I can play on any one of our xbox360s

MorganX3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

It's actually pretty cool isn't it? Don't get me wrong, though I think HDs are obsolete now in game consoles if you are going to have a physical HD, you should go open standard like Sony.

I actually think it's rather foolish to buy the 250GB 360S unless for some reason, you have a need for it, not many do. Most routers and external drives these days are also DLNA servers and can stream directly to PS3 and Xbox.

Oddly, PS3 can stream Media Center TV Recordings natively, Xbox cannot. You have to watch them by launching media center.

Edit: referring to Windows 7 Media Center .WTV recordings.

nation1203697d ago

this is really just for families getting kinect...thats really it not much else....wouldnt even be able to install reach

MorganX3697d ago

Dont' kow what Reach requires for isntall, but both Castlevania:LoS discs take up 12.7 Gig. The whole game can be installed on one 16G thumbdrive and run as fast or faster (depends on how cheap you went with USB :) than an HD.

Disc 1: 6.6G
Disc 2: 6.1G

skagrerrrr3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

Crappy 4GB option...
M$ is trying to push that crappy 4GB bundle for 249, it's too much quid for that bundle IMO.
Heck, M$ should drop that to 149

avengers19783697d ago

Still won't buy a 3rd one. Bought one at launch and one 2 and half years later.

MNicholas3696d ago

The text is literally from a Microsoft ad.

Seems like the fanboys/guerrila marketers are still having their way with N4G.

vhero3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

Yeah but your getting $100 worth of VIRTUAL items so I personally don't consider that a saving. It's clever on MS part. They are not really cutting $100 off a 360 at all they are just throwing in free 12 months live and 4000 points but in return forcing you to buy an extra controller. The points and live cost them nothing and they make a nice $35 off the controller sale. It's clever marketing that's all it's not a saving.

But has nobody SERIOUSLY seen the downside to this?? Them 4k points are a lot of points and by the time you probably spent half the content you bought with them won't even fit on your 4GB hard drive..

So yeah anyways no cuts at all on this they just throwing free stuff in and charging you for an extra controller. If they actually cut the 4GB non bundle let me know I'll buy 2! Most people probably think I am a troll for saying this but that's because YOUR THE TROLL! Think about what I am saying and look at the article and value of items.

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m233697d ago

That is an awesome deal, but 4 gigs is not enough for me. I still have my elite and its doing fine.

mittwaffen3697d ago

120GB elite is more than enough, 70GB free with tons of stuff/dlc/games downloaded and installed.

No reason to upgrade for us.

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shutupandplay3697d ago

Wow. Microsoft knows what it takes to widen a gap, that`s for sure. The 360 is absolutely set to dominate the holidays, MS will make sure the PS3 won`t be able to let it`s voice be heard, and so far they`re succeeding.

TekoIie3697d ago

So far its succeeding?? Wtf makes you think that? cuz currently PS move is selling very well and if anything i would consider that a potential voice...

AwakenTheTaco3697d ago

ok this is in reference to consoles selling. not peripheries. were not talking about kinect outselling sony. so the Xbox 360 will outsell the playstion 3.

PS360fanboy3697d ago

Maybe the sales from the last 4 months makes him think that...just saying...

36T3697d ago

LMAO! What the hell have you been smoking Pekolie? PS Move? What is that? Sony's PS3 is going to get dominated this holiday season. Period

radphil3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

Can you explain how a simple marketing move means that one side is already succeeding more over than the next?

Fanatical people from any side eat stuff like this up for some unknown reason.

Yes it's a damn good deal, and honestly if I didn't have one now, I'd hop onto it. But there's 2 issues that will come to mind after this:

-4GB is not a lot. Sooner or later that consumer will have to get either a MS hardrive, which all of them are overpriced, or USB sticks, which quite frankly the average consumer don't even take into consideration to get.

-The Live pricing. They stated that it's going to increase in Nov. So right now they have that price set for cheaper than usual, but afterwards, how will they feel about it being $10 more? I can't begin to count the number of people that complain about a used game at our stores increasing by $5 than it was like 6 months ago.

Now the Live pricing can be contested, cause there's been situations where they had deals of you being able to get live cheaper than normal. I took up the option when they had it for $30 for a year. I got that, and chances are I won't be buying anymore once it runs out unless they are able to do something completely extra that I can't do on PC/PS3.

On a side note I find it funny how people so focused on cross chat, yet people use skype/teamspeak/ventrilo.

jwatt3697d ago

Seriously every year MS has some kind of strategy to sell a lot of consoles. I'm a Sony fan but I have to admit MS is out hustling Sony. Like the time when they had Rockband exclusive for one month or all the bundles they put out really pushed their hardware.

mittwaffen3697d ago

Enjoy whatever console you own, jesus let somthing like this effect you?

I could care less, but this article is good to shove in fanboy faces (so they think before they speak); thus this article might one day help make N4G a mature place, and less of a childish fanboy war people seem to think it is.

Other than that, dont let this get to you if you're a normal gamer. Doesnt really matter at the end of the day.

SaberEdge3697d ago

The 360 is set up to do very well this holiday, but I think the PS3 will do just fine. With GT5 and Move I think the PS3 will sell very well too.

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NotSoSilentBob3697d ago

I wonder if they are gonna introduce a new model to take the entry level price?