PS3's Move Sold 'Well Below Expectations,' says Pachter

Yesterday, Sony Computer Entertainment America told IndustryGamers that the PlayStation Move "is performing extremely well at retail," although the company seemed reluctant to actually provide hard data to back up this statement. After all, if the product is selling so well, why not give us the sales information? In Europe, Sony revealed that Move sold around 1.5 million units. In North America, however, Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter believes that Move really did not fare as well as Sony would have liked.

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Shanks3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

So I guess it means Move sold well above expectation.

Game-ur3288d ago

MS Sony and Nintendo are all global companies; I don’t understand why "analysts" comment only about regional sales.

Shadow Flare3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

1.5 million is pretty good just for Europe. Word of mouth has been good with the move and it's word of mouth that will sell it. Because it works very well and is enjoyable to use

360RRODFIX3288d ago Show
seinfan3288d ago

Why is the dumb ass in the picture posing like that?

Ares84PS33288d ago

oooohhh the irony about everything you say.

I almost fell off my chair laughing.

SuperM3288d ago

Europe is a far bigger market for the PS3 then the USA

TOO PAWNED3288d ago

But Europe is smaller market then usa, besides they are talking about USA numbers in this case, not EU numbers, don't see whats so hard to understand about it?

xAlmostPro3288d ago


how is europe a smaller market for PS3 when it sells more in that region? 1.5million units sold in europe alone and you're hating.. why?

Eamon3288d ago

I think, generally, the PS brand is more popular in Europe than America.

Shadow Flare3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

I don't think Europe is that far behind NA. In fact, i just did a quick check of hardware totals regionally, and europe outsells america in practically everything but 360 and wii

-- Americas / EMEAA

(PS1) 40.78 / 40.12

(PS2) 52.30 / 61.58

(PS3) 15.18 / 17.43

(PSP) 19.81 / 25.14

(DS) 49.38 / 54.27

(Wii) 34.98 / 28.72

(X360) 25.18 / 17.17

So in all honestly, how is america the bigger territory if more hardware has been sold in Europe?

This goes some way to explaining why even though 360 dominates america, ps3 has still reduced the gap between itself and 360 from 8 million to 3 million. You need more then just america in this game.

And europe is a very, very important territory. Judging by the above numbers, maybe the most important

OC_MurphysLaw3288d ago

It's not that Move didnt' sell well in EU. 1.5 million in EU is great. Even though it sold best in EU, that doesn't mean EU is the bigger market for Sony. NA is the #1 Gaming market. EU and Japan are vying for 2nd and 3rd place. I think that was the point trying to be driven home. Just to re-iterate, Sony may be selling well in EU, but that doesn't make it a bigger market.

TEFL0N_D0N_813288d ago

No one can trust any of these comments. Sony said the same thing about PSP Go when first released. I hope Move does well, as I'd like to try it some day soon. Nevertheless, their statement was made to please their share holders. By contrast, you can't trust Pachter's statements because he's an idiot and doesn't even play these games.

Each person's own trials and experiences are the most reliable.

Insomnia_843288d ago

So if it's not selling well..... WHY THE [email protected]&* CAN'T I FIND A PS MOVE CONTROLLER HERE IN NYC??? it's sold out EVERYWHERE!!!

HolyOrangeCows3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

Pachter, unless you have (and would like to share) confirmed sales numbers for the Move in the US, STFU.

"We [Wedbush Morgan] think" means absolutely nothing to me, coming from a worthless analyst like you and a company fool enough to employ you this long.

OC_MurphysLaw3288d ago

If you are going to quote VGChartz then you need to quote all their stats. According to VGChartz the 360 leads the PS3 by 5.5 Million units now.

Now... EU is definitely an important territory, but NA is still the "largest" game hardware/software consuming territory for console gaming. Again, quoting VGChartz since you were:

75.4 Million total (console only) units sold in NA
63.3 Million total (console only) units sold in EU
17.7 Million total (console only) units sold in Japan.

gm9993288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

brother correct your self Sony and Nintendo are only global companies where Microsoft xbox is regional which have majority sales in america and less sales in other countries

Shadow Flare3288d ago

Dlacy, I'm not disputing your numbers, but using the same source, ps2 and the DS, the 2 highest selling consoles, each sell more in europe then in america. Which is pretty amazing. I don't know how that can be disputed, it obviously shows Europe is the more important gaming territory

As for the ps3 360 gap, the gap was 3 million the last time I saw official numbers in a previous article. We all know vgchartz isn't the most accurate source in the world, but I don't know any other source I could use to show the info required. Plus I assumed that historical data like ps2 sales would be more accurate since they've had official data to base it on

frostypants3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

It must not be selling TOO badly. I mean geez, good luck finding a Move controller on the shelf anywhere...or even online...

That said, Sony hasn't been marketing it too heavily. If it blows up, it will be because of word of mouth.

Finally, I mess around in the stock market quite a bit, and believe me when I say Pachter is at or near the top of my "ignore this stupid blowhard" list. He's terrible and he never gives actionable analysis. He's more like an amateur video games blogger than a viable industry analyst.

Edit: LOL at the drive-by DA. What do you disagree with? That the controllers are hard as hell to find (they are), that Sony isn't marketing Move too heavily (they aren't), or that Pachter is generally considered to be a hack in the stock realm (he is)?

ProjectVulcan3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

Down year on year, but its difficult to beat the release of uncharted 2 and a hardware price drop with a brand new slim design that occurred september last year.

If move shifted nearly 2M in NA and EU for one month, without even launching in japan yet, i would say thats good. It could easily sell another million in japan and that would take it to 3M units+ by the end of november easily. Impressive figures IMHO

BattleAxe3287d ago

Pachter is such a fanboy.

Anon19743287d ago

How is it that Pachter is now speaking for Sony? So, he somehow knows what Sony's expectations for Move were? Well, why doesn't he share that figure with us, because where I'm sitting I see Sony saying they're please with Move, and an analyst who consistently proves he's out of touch with the gaming world saying they're really disappointed - without any way of backing up that statement.

Given Pachter's track record it's understood why I'm taking his comments with a pinch of salt. Pachter also said Kinect would only cost $50. And he's been saying Nintendo would be forced to release a Wii HD since 2007 (I believe he said this year would finally be the year we see it). He really hasn't been "on" when it comes to predicting motion control.

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MrMccormo3288d ago

Pachter is a joke. Sony just said they sold 1.5 million in the US and EUR alone since launch, which is AMAZING. This thing hasn't even hit Japan and other regions yet.

You can bet developers will perk up and take notice with their 3rd party support. Heck, it's already getting a ton of 3rd party support.

Christopher3288d ago

I thought they sold 1.5m in Europe alone?

Homicide3288d ago

They shipped 1.5 million in Europe.

frostypants3288d ago

Homicide, Sony doesn't report units shipped, last I checked.

archemides5183288d ago

1.5 million is WAY more than i expected, especially with that launch lineup, anyone with any sense would see it as a slow burner, and when the big games start coming in (like sorcery and others that aren't just minigames) the #s will go up

vhero3288d ago

The weird thing is about this fanboys call patcher a liar and god knows what names yet when he says crap like this he's a massiah and hes right? anyways I think he is kinda right in a way as Sony was hoping for more I mean your always gonna be disappointed you always shoot for the stars and hit the moon right?

brew3288d ago

If they really wanted to shoot for the stars and impress and analyst or fanboy on N4G .... they would have released it early in November (holiday) when there were more games avaiable and spent a lot more on marketing before it released to get maximum NPD launch numbers.

But they didn't go that route. Seems like the were shooting for the moon to me.

Marceles3288d ago

Haven't played Sports Champions I see...the archery portion is pretty detailed to the point where you can't help but end up in that pose when you're about to shoot.

TheLastGuardian3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

1.5 million in europe alone sounds like it sold great. I live in the US and I bought a Move bundle. Plenty of people are still waiting for more games to come out for move before they buy it. The Move will be a success.

N311V3288d ago

I'm one of the people simply waiting for more games, interested in move but the launch titles don't interest me.

If this was a game that sold 1.5 million in one month we would say that's a great number. Why not with move?

avengers19783288d ago

According to everyone else though it's doing pretty well. Just another Patcher error.
Just like everytime he opens his mouth.

soljah3288d ago

well don't know what he's been snoking but i want out yesterday to pick up a move controller and every where i want they were sold out. could only find some bundles and the navi in stock

Nevers3288d ago

... both it and kinect disappointed me a bit. But masking the actual price to do Move by selling the move-motes(?) separately turned me off completely. Though I guess Kinect does that too with the adapter for older 360's. Neither had games that appealed to me.

otherZinc3287d ago

You can tell by the amount of "unsold" Move games at retail.

Now that NPD is mysteriously out of the picture, SONY will give shipped sales every month to excite the videogame boards.

Pachter is also wrong about Move moving consoles during the holiday season; wont happen.

People are saying Move sold out: please, it didn't sell out in "1" store in Northwest Indana; not ONE!
Also, the stores I frequent haven't received additional stock of Move controllers or games.

tacosRcool3287d ago

It shows that people still try to undermine the greatness of the PS3

MNicholas3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

How many people even know it exists? Maybe it's different in other areas of the US but I haven't seen any ads for it on TV, the news papers, billboards, etc.

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Hallmark Moment3288d ago ShowReplies(4)
Ares84PS33288d ago

What was this idiots expectations? 10million day one?

God, Patcher why don't you just shut up already?? You know nothing about the video games industry.

TOO PAWNED3288d ago

That means nothing. Maybe Sony expected to sell 10 moves so when it sold 300k they are like "mind blowing". Who cares what sony says, look at those numbers, 300k is a joke.

xAlmostPro3288d ago

well if they expected to sell 10 and sold 300k then that IS beyond expectations..

yet your saying sony(the god damn makers) saying its sold better than expected isn't as good as some analyst saying it didnt sell as expected?.. i'd rather take the companies word thanks..

Ares84PS33288d ago

300K units sold isn't a bad number for September. Sony themselves said that they are planning for Move to sell slowly but after the first figures came in Sony said that it sold more than expected and they where very happy. And their expectations wasn't 10 moves you smartass.

Moves plan is just like the PS3's plan. Slowly but surley it will sell very well.

TOO PAWNED3288d ago

Are you serious? are you telling me 300k isn't bad for launch month? Who cares what month it is, it is launch month, unit is supposed to sell. This just shows core base in usa didn't support move like we in EU have. AMericans just talk and spin low numbers as "good". Go and buy move instead, hypocrites.

Ares84PS33288d ago

I got Move thank you. Also most of my friends did as well. The week that it lanuched almost all my buddy list was playing Sports Champions.

Makidian3288d ago

This is about Move, not the hardware sold for the months which is the number you are pulling out. Sony didn't reveal the numbers for Move in NA yet so calling 300k a joke for Move is kinda retarded on your part since that is not what Move sold.

jneul3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

funny thing is vgc have move at 600k and that will be wrong thanks to this data and move s sold out in alot of places, why ramp up production if move is not selling as well as they say

Petro3288d ago

Here it is a piece for you guys to read... you didn't read it.

Piece of the article: "The launch of PlayStation Move did not seem to noticeably lift the fortunes of Sony's PS3 either; Pachter revealed that the PS3 sold 312,000 units in September, which represents a 37% decline year-over-year."

The number is amount of PlayStation 3's sold in September!

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visualb3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

unlike who ever might be dating him! xD

sorry for the bad joke, but seriously, I agree, its a bit silly, I'm sure it didn't sell well nor bellow expectations, just en par, sony were never super excited about move tbh

then again, isn't patcher a bit of a joke? oh well, analysts always over-predict.

DaTruth3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

Unlike whoever is taking his advice on analysis!

Rip-Ridah3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

Please direct me to the quote in the article where it states that the Playstation M-O-V-E sold 300k. I think I may be reading different text than the rest of you all cuzz my browser says, "Pachter revealed that the PS3 sold 312,000 units in September..." It offers no numbers for PS Move. Unless I'm missing something.

Petro3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

Indeed! Most of these guys didn't even read the article! Again here's what it says:

"The launch of PlayStation Move did not seem to noticeably lift the fortunes of Sony's PS3 either; Pachter revealed that the PS3 sold 312,000 units in September, which represents a 37% decline year-over-year."

N4Great3287d ago

The ridiculous failmachines (xbox fanboyz) were so happy when vgchartz said "100 000" (after only 2 days), they was repeating all day long "100 000=FAIL", and now, they are trying to ignore, spin, or else ("sony is lying" lol) the 2 millions and more, whithout japan, wich is great success already.

Poor sad serial loosers :)

stuna13287d ago

I agree!

@360RRODFIX : You're always screaming at the top of your lungs about some ps3 fanboy.
Question! What sets you apart from them you despise? You sound a little upset that the ps3 is showing some success with the move!

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plb3288d ago

I saw the word Patcher and knew what came next would be an idiotic comment.