Shrek versus Spiderman in DVD wars

Even in the wildest Hollywood imagination Shrek is unlikely ever to square up to Spiderman. A potentially expensive battle between the two characters will, however, be coming to television screens across the country over the months ahead.

In one corner is Sony's "Blu-ray", so-called because the Blu-ray DVD players use a blue laser instead of the red beam in standard players.
Blu-ray's rival is "HD-DVD", pioneered by Toshiba and supported by the might of Microsoft and Intel.

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xhi44163d ago

mese a spiderman 3 on Blu-bloody-awesome-ray yeee haha

I'll be getting shrek 3 on dvd.

JokesOnYou4163d ago (Edited 4163d ago )

Transformers vs Spiderman?


Zor4163d ago

Oh wait, you can't watch that on your xbox unless you pay an EXTRA 100 dollars or an EXTRA 300 dollar for a player all together
I guess the joke is on you=



We can put Disney titles there too if you want make a Spider + That cooking mouse thing X Transformers + Green Ogre... Or Spider + Cars... Or, well, you got it.

Anyway, for me the question is "which one can you rent?". I don't know a exact number, but still obvious that the majority of DVD owners don't buy their titles, they rent almost everything.

The big buyers are the video stores (or whatever you call renters on US) not the player owner. Whoever aims for a win, has to made the stores buy more movies in their format.

If is a format to win the mass attention, then it's something we have to consider, and there the BD has a point. But, win one battle, is not like to win the entire war.

Ri0tSquad4163d ago (Edited 4163d ago )

with transformers and shrek. Pretty sad that a bad movie like spider-man will do better numbers just because of the name (imo it was bad). But shrek 3 was garbage compared to the last 2 spider-man will easily beat it. I don't see a lota hd dvd players being moved when transformers comes out probaly more upset blu ray owners.

FirstknighT4163d ago (Edited 4163d ago )

actually I can watch every movie because my 360 plays dvds. And the 360 does a much better job on upscaling than the ps3 to near quality HD.

Zor4163d ago

Upscaling, downscaling, upscaling, I'd rather have a direct stream without any up conversions or downconversions

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ArduousAndy4163d ago (Edited 4163d ago )

we gotta choose between to crappy sequels? Either Spider-cry (the joke is that everyone was crying in that movie even VENOM VENOM DOESNT CRY) and the souless by product that is Shrek 3 (they are even making a fourth film.)

@doshey yes spider-man 3 was better but to me man they both sucked.

doshey4163d ago

i saw shrek and it sucked, spiderman 3 so better

jujunogo4163d ago

spiderman and pirates of the carrabean will blow shrek and transformers out of the water win for blu ray!!!!!!!!! even though im pissed tranformers is not on blu ray oh well ill jus get it on dvd

ParaDise_LosT4163d ago

Your looking for News 4 Formats

gogators4163d ago

News for Gamers, not News for Format Wars or News for Bashers and Haters.

Rooftrellen4163d ago

The real question is after so many people saw both of these movies on the big screen, who is going to get them on any format?

Pirates vs Borne, battle of the trilogies, now there's your fight.

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The story is too old to be commented.