5 Hardcore Kinect Titles: Game Informer

StrengthGamer: "In the November 2010 issue of Game Informer, they list 5 games that were announced at the Tokyo Game Show."

Each game has trailers included as well as brief descriptions.

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Joule3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

Judging from that Kinect FPS video, these titles are gonna suck.

EDIT: Here it is

Well I said judging, an FPS should be simple on Kinect since its so revolutionary but thats not the case. These games are more complicated than just your ordinary FPS so yes, I still think these titles are gonna suck.

T9X693289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

Yea because all 5 of those game listed in the article were FPS. Try harder. If you're going to troll, at least read the article instead of posting stupid shit.

EDIT: Yea you said judging by that Kinect FPS video, "THESE" as in, the titles in the article, are going to suck. "These" titles, are not FPS games, unless you count Steelbattalion, which is one game, not 5. A game is only as complicated as a developer makes it. Your comment might as well have read, RTS games are complicated on consoles, therefor every other genre for Xbox 360 and PS3 is going to suck.

GreenRingOfLife3289d ago

Here comes the anti-kinect force to try and kill Microsoft's success

I think KINECT is going to be amazing and the fact that its pretty much sold out EVERYWHERE speaks for itself

People no longer want controllers and only KINECT offers that experience...

sdtarm3289d ago

"People no longer want controllers and only KINECT offers that experience... "

Not really, some ppl is still smart u know?

JokesOnYou3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

but I'm also interested to see what kinect will offer in the future. Stop being such a fanboy.

As for El Jugador, his comments are just typical of the kinect haters, of course a no dev alive will be able to surpass the greatness of this "Deca Sports" mini-game. Nevermind, the other games like Dance Central, Kinect Sports, Your Shape, Fighters Uncaged that already look miles better. The haters are so transparent.


HolyOrangeCows3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

Judging by all of the "project"s listed....I suppose Kinect might have a decent game by, saaaaay, 2012.

Rise of Nightmares - "Think of a cross between Silent Hill and Saw"....with train tracks on the ground for you to glide around on.

Steel Battalion Heavy Armor - An on-rails shooter.....we all know how well those work with Kinect, lol.

Project Draco - LOL, all of the Ps-haters who have been more than happy to mention Six-axis's poor implementation on Lair 3 years later think that a game will work well on Kinect.

Haunt - AKA Grabbed by the Ghoulies 2.

mac_sparrow3289d ago

exactly holyorangecows. The thing is I played lair and it controlled fine. You just have to accept that you're flying a dragon, which is expected to have a larger turning circle than a fighter plane.

Those who whined about sixaxis implementation in Lair just have no finesse.

Arnon3289d ago

"Steel Battalion Heavy Armor - An on-rails shooter.....we all know how well those work with Kinect, lol."

I guess you didn't read the part where it said the new Steel Battalion was controller and kinect enabled.

visualb3289d ago

many of these games seem they will be on-rails

could be wrong though, the new FPS game El Jugador presented isn't on-rails, but it doesn't work very well

still, a lot of "projects", no concrete announcements of gameplay yet so...we must wait and see

Game13a13y3288d ago

when i think of Kinect, it sort of reminds me of the HD-DVD drive that got killed by Blu-ray, another obsolete device overshadowed by a higher technology.

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TK4213289d ago

That video is bad. I was wondering how Kinect was going to do a FPS now I know. Pew Pew Pew FTW!

DelbertGrady3289d ago

Just because that FPS was bad doesn't mean all will be. It's like saying Killzone 3 will be crap because Haze wasn't any good.

Bigpappy3289d ago

They are just having their little fun. Kinect has many developer working on fresh new ideas. Most of what is coming to Move is the same stuff you can already play with the DS. Never mind them, these are the guys who just had they GT5 pushed back for fear of being over shadowed by Kinect.

ImpartialMan3289d ago

" these are the guys who just had they GT5 pushed back for fear of being over shadowed by Kinect."-Bigpappy

lol and u keep saying you are not a troll.

and yup. you must be right. there is a conspiracy by PS3 fanboys to make kinect look bad. it has nothing to do with videos of Kinect not working properly.

Jaces3289d ago

Gameplay please, I'm finding it hard to believe a game is going to be fun when it's on rails and "Kinect exclusive" so that's telling me no controller either.

CandyCaptain3289d ago

really c'mon none of those in the end will be hardcore, get real. They'll be casual just not a crappy minigame like most Kinect titles so far -__-

WutPleaze3289d ago

So Panzer Dragoon isn't considered hardcore? Or a game that mixes Silent Hill and Saw? Steel Battalion?

Did you even read the article?

TheBlackSmoke3289d ago

You do know that all the past Panzer Dragoon games (saga no inc ofc) are on-rail shooters right?

All those "hardcore" Kinect titles mentioned will simply be heavily assisted and super simplified incarnations of the franchises you loved.

mintaro3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

Aren't all of the move games also casual mini-games?

jukins3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

heavy rain resident evil 5 mag
@t9x69 if i can use move its a move game lol. so what you're saying is if any of these supposed hardcore kinect titles use the controller in conjunction with kinect they are no longer kinect games? if i can play resident evil 5 from start to finish with move how is it not a move game?

lol i guess if you wanna be all technical about it. imo regardless if it was patched in or not if you can play the entire game with w/e motion controller its a move game. move supported would be something like little big planet 2 where you can use the move on SOME levels, but when you can play the entire game with move its a move game plain and simple or in your case maybe its not technical enough for you lol

T9X693289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

Those aren't Move games. Those are games with Move support. Sports Championship is a Move game, RE5 is a game that supports Move.

EDIT: No because those games are not Move specific. A Move game, is a game that can only be played with the Move. Every single game you mentioned was released without Move, and Move support was added later.

A Kinect game would be a game that only uses Kinect. If Fable 3 has a patch to support Kinect that doesn't make Fable 3 a Kinect game, it makes it a game that supports Kinect. Kinect games have a tag on the box saying "Kinect Camera Required", because they are Kinect games.

See that purple box on cover?

See that blue bubble on the cover?

Yea those are Kinect and Move games, not games like RE5, MAG and Heavy Rain.

EDIT2: I'm not getting technical, it's common sense.

plstcsldgr3289d ago

Tiger woods, Killzone 3, Resistance 3, Resident Evil 5 gold edition, Heavy Rain, Little Big Planet 2,inFAMOUS 2. those arent really casual.

TheBlackSmoke3289d ago

"Those aren't Move games. Those are games with Move support"

That literally makes no sense. Keep Halo reaching for the excuses.

ingiomar3289d ago

You must be really stupid if that didn't make sense to you...

Don't you know the difference between Move SUPPORT and Actual Move games?

Ok, il make it easy for you

Move Games : Games that are specially made for Move, Like Sports Champions, it makes more sense to play it with Move then with the controller

Move Support: Games that you CAN use you Move with if you want but is almost always more fun and or Better with controller

If you still don't get it ,Then May god have mercy on your soul

TheBlackSmoke3289d ago

No Im pretty sure you are the stupid one my friend. A move game by definition would be a game that uses PS move controls so Im pretty sure RE5 and the like fit in to this this category. Sure there are games that are only made for move but going forward devs will put in move controls for hardcore titles also. So I dont understand how this is a negative?

The thing you fail to see is that the move has always been sold as an "alternative control scheme" for hardcore titles. Peter dilley has reiterated this at the E3, DICE and gamescon keynotes.

....On the other hand Kinect has been sold to you by M$ as the...

"future of gaming"

"almost like a new platform launch un-to itself"

and the concept of "You are the controller".

With stephen spielberg telling us that rainbows will shine out of our ass with kinect. Kudo sunoda himself has already promised that kinect can do hardcore games too (even though there's not one in site). So as usual M$ has shot themselves in the foot and this is why they get crap for kinect.

Thats the difference. If I want to play Halo reach with Kinect instead of my controller .... I cant, period. Every Kinect game is Kinect exclusive by default because of its limitations. Move however is universal so when all future hardcore titles like infamous2, socom4, and killzone 3 come fresh out of the box with move control OPTIONS, they are just as much a move game as any made only for move.

snp3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

ed: (Slimmed down) TheBlackSmoke pretty much covers it. Don't like to comment in non-PS3 threads, but just on the Move front felt it was appropriate to jump in (with this invented nonsense being put up). People saying Move games using Move as an alternate controller option aren't Move games - those inventing rhetorical 'categories' for different 'types' of Move games to cynically dismiss Moves biggest budget/highest profile compatible games - are being insincere. And they well know it.

One of the reasons for the existence of Move is, as TheBlackSmoke said, to provide an alternate for hardcore title support (and this, from the get go has been one of the most compelling reasons from the product for many). Someone who buys a Move, and Resident Evil 5 and Heavy Rain and brings them home to try out is playing Move games with a Move controller. End of story. How well their control is implemented versus deulshock etc etc is secondary.

Cut the crap.

The Wood3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

ask them same guys if they'd omit resident evil or halo reach IF those games were kinect enabled from a kinect list. BS circular reasoning to downplay move games. Its simple the whole point of Move is that it CAN do both...Our core type games like resident, Killzone, Socom, and it can do the Move only games like Sports champion, heroes on the move. When people downplay kinect its mainly because of its lack of functionality AND lack of non casual powder puff. Compare those downplay angles please.

Wh15ky3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

You anti-move lot don't half talk crap. Fact is I bought a Move and Nav 3 weeks ago and I've been using them to play MAG, RE5 and Hustle Kings ever since. What games will you still be using Kinect for 2 weeks and 6 days after the novelty has worn off?

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Bigpappy3289d ago

I kind of admire the tenacity and passion you guys put into trolling. No other system has that caliber of dedicated fanboyz. Good luck, and keep up the good work. I am sure Sony loves you even more than you love it.

SexyPrawns3289d ago

I don't think it's just PS3 fanboys.

I think the gaming industry as a whole recognizes Kinect as one massive mistake.

uxo223289d ago

It's just the PS3 fanboys are the only ones whining about it.

ImpartialMan3289d ago

its the Xbox fanboys who are blaming all the hate Kinect is getting on PS3 fanboys...

but they gotta look around... hate is coming from non fanboys as well...
even xbox fanboys.

TheBlackSmoke3289d ago

It really has nothing to do with PS3 vs 360.

Only you die hard 360 supporters are actually trying to convince yourself that Kinect is the future and will actually offer you hardcore games, when in reality even you know deep down that the end result is crappily controlling shovelware, but hey you just want to ride the coattails of whatever "sales" it generates.

So far Kinect has not demonstrated anything an eye toy cant already do, so any normal and rational person will call BS on the Kinect infatuation you guys have.

HolyOrangeCows3289d ago

LOL, look at all of the Ps3-haters who posted first and made it out like the comments section was already full of fanboys (Other than themselves).

"ZOMG! Look at all duh hatin' PSTWEE fanbois in here!"
*Chirp, chirp, chirp*

niceguywii603289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

"Only you die hard 360 supporters are actually trying to convince yourself that Kinect is the future"

I see. So the army of fanatical pro Sony PS3 fanboys jobs are to remind us so called die hard 360 fans the error of our ways 24/7, not even sleeping or eating or working simply waiting for Kinect news to troll. I think a lot of rabid man children are not just bitter but hurting because of the 360 stomping PS3 into the ground and the game changer we call Kinect isn't even out yet.

Go vent in the PS3 section it's not our fault Sony is scared of showing sales numbers in last place looking like an a$$. Maybe Move would have sold more if Sony actually showed more games that were designed for Move(not talking Move support) at E3 instead wasting time bashing Kinect.

TheBlackSmoke3289d ago

Why dont you actually try to refute the point's I have made about Kinect instead of countering with buh buh teh sales?....oh can't because I am correct and you have no argument.

And please cry me a river with the "PEE ESS FREE FANBOIS ATTACK!!" crap. The PS3 has been taking shit from 360 fanboys even before it launched.

Congratulations you are 4 million ahead with a year to 18 month headstart at half the price and in second place to the wii, with next years lineup consisting of gears 3, kinectimals and a live action video of a gladiator made by crytek.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

It's just PS3 fanboys, type in Kinect in the search bar and you will see. Once you do that you will see the whining goes back when it was first called Project Natal. You will see some of the same fanboys crying about it, some have new accounts. Seriously type Kinect and Project Natal in the search bar and you will have the truth. I tell you the PS3 fanboys are deticated, they don't miss a single Kinect article or news. The search bar is your best friend, when PS3 fanboys say they don't do it just search it and find the truth. :)

Biggest3289d ago

Our bad. Kinect will be great for the people that want whatever the hell Kinect is supposed to be. I hope you guys enjoy your Kinect.

douchedebater3288d ago

Thanks biggest, you said your piece. Now GET LOST!

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cayal3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

"No other system has that caliber of dedicated fanboyz. "

Pretty sure the xbots are running rampant on this site lately, quoting sales instead of games. It's about time mummy put that internet filter back on for these kids.

stuna13289d ago

But it is sh#t! Really it is! I finally got a chance to try it and for the few things it does gets right, there are twice as many things that are wrong. It is not completely beneficial if microsoft releases now, because if people spend enough time with the tech as of now, many will find that it wears thin real quick. The games are too shallow, even young children will lose interest fairly quick. I'm not trying to flame the tech, but it still needs more work. But knowing microsoft they're going to release it anyway flaws and all. I they would wait just a little bit longer the tech could be great! not just good.

Bigpappy3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

I follow very carefully who the trolls are in the Kinect article. They are NOT 360 fans! They are a few bloggers and Distructoid who hate on Kinect. But because those are the majority of what make it to the front page of N4G, does not mean that the media hates Kinect. Do a search right here on N4G and you will be shocked at how many positive Previews there are for Kinect that were submitted but never made it to the front page. A massive mistake? In your dreams.

I know I am waisting my time replaying. You will see what you want to see. Then when it release, sells millions and the media gives it all the glowing reviews, you will pull something else out of your butt. Lets see in a few weeks what the media really thinks of kinect. I prefer to hear from them because I don't trust you. No offence.

@Cayal. So now quoting sales when the the 360 is beating PS3 or Kinect out selling Move, or Halo selling over 5 Mil in a month is hating on PS3 and Move? Boy the rules aroumd here sure do change quickly.

Let me make a note so I remenber: "DO NOT TALK ABOUT THE FACTS WHEN PS3 IS LOSSING". Got it. Any thing else?

SexyPrawns3289d ago

No. I'm not talking about the Internet.

No 360 owner I know actually wants Kinect. They all want Gears of War 3, Fable 3, etc. Kinect looks terrible.

My manager played it in Vegas last month. (GameStop convention)

He hated it...and he only games on 360.

Bigpappy3289d ago

M$ would sell 40 Mil not 4 Mil. Move is a good controller. How many PS3 owner bought it in a Month? Sony wouldn't tell, but I would: It aint 38 Mil.

ImpartialMan3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

Xbox has been out 1 year ahead of PS3.
plus, PS3 had been beating xbox for a year before xbox slim and i dont remember people talking about it that much.

Also, bashing Kinect articles/vidoes come from so many different places...

youtube is flooded with them with user previews/hands on.

you are trying too hard trying to convince yourself.

i love my xbox, but after looking at future exclusives list, i feel like its not really worth it anymore.

HolyOrangeCows3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

"How many PS3 owner bought it in a Month? Sony wouldn't tell"

1.5 million in the EU.
"NPD Group reports that 'the three PS3 Move SKU's residing in the accessories category each made the top 10 in unit sales of accessory items for the month of September.'"
It sure as HECK didn't sell poorly in the US.

douchedebater3288d ago

So, what defines a move unit? Is it the Move controller only, is it a controller and a camera? Is it the bundle?

IMO this means existing PS3 owners that already have PS Eyes are buying Move as just an additional controller.

It would be interesting to see how many Bundles are selling, because that would best represent people that are buying Move as a unit. I know someone that bought 4 Move controllers, but he already had a camera from a PS3 game he bought a year ago. How many of these things are from the same situation?

Just a question.

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Roonie3289d ago

As hardcore as the fail kinect FPS vid????

nothing is more hardcore than that!!!!

despair3289d ago

notice how none of these "hardcore" titles have any gameplay shown, at all...I'll wait to see how they actually look and play in game before I go selling people on "hardcore kinect". I'm not trying to be anti-kinect its just that nothing can work other than on rails games and casual crap as far as I can see without a controller.

8thnightvolley3287d ago

that is y u are not a dev.. coz u are not gifted to see such innovation.