Wired Review: Wonky Physics, Nasty Levels Ruin Sonic the Hedgehog 4

Wired writes: "The new downloadable game for Wii, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 (reviewed) seems to make all the changes that Sonic’s fans have been clamoring for: It brings the series back to 2-D. It gets rid of Sonic’s crappy friends and makes the iconic blue critter the only playable character. Cute little birdies even pop out of enemies when they explode, just like in the good old Genesis days."

WIRED: Pretty graphics. Will make you feel 10 years old again for a few minutes.

TIRED: Terrible physics. Gameplay on autopilot. Evil traps designed to catch you off-guard.

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Cyrus3653290d ago

Wow a 4 out of 10, that's the lowest score i've seen for this game.

MrMccormo3290d ago

Have you played the demo? The controls absolutely suck. Everything else (graphics, music, level design) is top-notch, but the controls are just bad.

Cyrus3653290d ago

No, but strange how most sites gave this game an 8 or 9, ignoring the poor controls, and such.

PS360fanboy3290d ago

I did and I don't think the controls suck. The only part I didn't like was Sonic's animations and the fact that the demo only had one level=X

Oh, and that it costs 15 euros...

JsonHenry3289d ago

I have to agree. The new physics that control sonic doesnt feel "free" enough. And he slows down in momentum wayyy too fast if you dont keep pressing forward.

xskipperx823290d ago

Yeah, this is a strange duck this one. Gamers are all aboard the hate train while 90% of reviewers give it 8/10. I personally hate the controls but try to overlook them because I have been waiting way too long for this game to hate it. I'm trying my best to love it.

Neckbear3290d ago

It's mainly because of the short lenght, price and the fact that it just doesn't feels like an old Sonic game, despite what they promised.

It feels just waay too clunky for a good Sonic game if you look at how glorious they were back then.

BlackBusterCritic3290d ago

So you're saying you can't dislike this game because you were waiting too long for it? You have to TRY to love it? That gives off the impression that the game isn't as great as they say.

Fel083290d ago

This is not the best Sonic game, but its a huge improvement from all the Sonic games that SEGA released in the past few years.

aquafina1173290d ago

Agreed. I still prefer the classic Sonic games.

RageAgainstTheMShine3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

same here.

Sonic 4 is one of the baddest out there.

even if they combine all the episodes and slap $9.99 we wont buy this crap.

More shame on you Sega. You did not fail to disappoint.

MaximusPrime3290d ago

Controlling sonic was the only bad thing. I'd give this game 7/10

Lirky3290d ago

It felt un-sonic. Like mega-man universe different direction than its old-school style too much 3d Should of stayed sprites just embossed or something.

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The story is too old to be commented.