RUMOR : Silicon Knights Ditching Unreal Engine 3 for Too Human?

Looks like the Unreal Engine isn't as good as first thought. Silicone Knights have ditched it, but why?

Click the link to find out....

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Bill Nye5385d ago

I doubt it. Bugs or not, it's much cheaper to use the Unreal 3 engine than make a proprietary one or start anew with another.

assjacket5385d ago

I would like to see some confirmation of this rumour.
Somehow it just doesn't make sense, at least not for these reasons. I doubt it's as big a problem as the article makes it out to be, if true at all, because a lot of developers are using it. That many people wouldn't use a product that's hard to work with, especially big Dev houses that could afford other engines.

DJ5385d ago (Edited 5385d ago )

Unreal Engine's supposed to be easy to use and reduce development costs, but I guess it just doesn't run well on the 360...? Maybe that's why Gears of War has an iffy framerate and not many characters fighting at once (this was all before the Unreal Engine 'upgrade' so hopefully those things were fixed along with it). Too Human looked and performed like crud at E3, but I don't think they would go through the trouble of ditching their entire engine. The amount of time and money involved with starting over from scratch would be debilitating to say the least, especially since this game was supposed to originally come out on the PS1.

I did find a link to gameplay videos of Too Human though. I'll let you form your own opinion. http://media.xbox360.gamesp...

ACE5384d ago

cut the BS out will you ... silicon knights NEVER make a rubish game all there games r top qulity etc....

it looks at this early stage 10 times better then lost kingdom on ps3 , have you seen that ?what a joke ....

you clearly are a NOOB DJ .

i wont waist my time talking to a fan BOY ,,,

silent ninja5385d ago

gamesl like these need their engines to achieve their goes proparly.

sk is in the same position that namco was in when they were making frame city killer

but i think its too late to start making the game from scratch with a new engine

pRo loGic II5385d ago

GoW's an tactical shooter, if it had Ninety Nine Nights or Dead Riseing style gameplay, it would defeat it's purpose Lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.