Can Final Fantasy XIV be Salvaged on PS3?

PS3 Informer writes:

"Can the PS3 release of the game, which is expected in March 2011, be salvaged? Fortunately, some of the problems identified by reviewers of the PC version can probably be overcome in the conversion to the console.

In particular, the complaint about twiddly graphics settings, which will be fixed on the PS3, is likely to become a non-issue (although graphics performance limitations could rear their ugly and frame-stuttering heads). The overworld map can be improved and shortcuts can be added to the menu system. There is also an opportunity to repair and simplify the user interface problems, since the PS3 input is so different from that on PC and will need to be re-vamped anyway"

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clinker3294d ago

I think the article is correct when it says that the PC reviewers are a bunch of WoW addicts. This is a console JRPG and is going to be different from their usual western crack-like MMOs. That said, Square Enix obviously needs to put in SOME effort to improve the PS3 version by the time it ships.

MrMccormo3294d ago

Not even the PS3 could fix this game.

Baka-akaB3294d ago

nice trolling ...

anyway of course the game can be salvaged , FFXI wasnt tht great neither at first , but became so for its fans via extensive patching and loads of addons

evrfighter3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

oh gawd just let this game die a quick death.

I won't feel sorry for any ps3 gamer that complains about it seeing as how SE violated pc gamers.

I feel so dirty.

You have to become a mindless ps3 praising zombie to get your bubbles back.

3294d ago
MrMccormo3294d ago

@ buying1999

Interesting, because I've said nothing but good things about the PS3 since I signed up yet I've gone from 5 bubbles down to 2.

comp_ali3294d ago

yeah , If you don't troll and be nice to fanboys you will lose bubbles.

Leonesaurus3294d ago


Goes to show that you have no faith, optimistic attitude, or dedication towards the game, or anything for that matter. Which in that case, you shouldn't even be on here posting a comment. Never heard of a patch? And not some pussy console patch, I mean BIG fucking patches over the course of the next several months until the PS3 version is released, which can receive it's own patches as well.

The game works great, aside from a few issues that cause irritation and confusion at some points. It's nothing that can't b improved, afterall this is an MMO. Don't be so quick to judge, you have to give things a chance to build up and truly shine.

I for one LOVE the game, despite it's obvious flaws and quirks, but I'm enjoying leveling everything up in time for all the new content and improvements in the future. That's my take on it anyways, no one has to like the game, but I do. That's all that matters.

GWAVE3294d ago Show
visualb3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

I also believe releasing it on PS3 is pointless at this stage...unless they improve it, might as well not bother =/

well...Im not interested in this game anymore (was before it was evident it SUCKED=(), so wtv

120FPS3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

Lets see how long this lasts then

The PS3 is the worlds biggest in history piece of shit that mankind has been unfortunate to create and those who dearly praise it like the second coming are by far the most pathetic, juvenile, sad basement dweliing retards who hit every "I'm a stupid bastard" branch when they crawled out of the rotten shit stained seeds on the "stupid bastard" tree.

"but but but the fuckin grafix,uncharted, god of war" drones out of every single memeber of the ps3 retard clan like a borg suffering a tourettes induced trojan virus

Trebius3294d ago

You sound very hurt and damaged by this.

Seek help.

Caffo013294d ago

are you playing it? do you decide which game is ok and which is not based solely on reviews? PPL CANNOT REVIEW MMOs AFTER 2 WEEKS FROM RELEASE!!

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Letros3294d ago

Some of most mediocre MMO's score in the 8's on Gamespot(AoC, LotR, WAR), that's how BAD this game really is. I'm not saying it can't be improved, but it's going to take A LOT of work.

jc485733294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

you guys need some serious medical attention.
I just want to play a regular rpg, not an MMO.

Tony P3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

Sure, it gets judged against the market leader. But the fact is PC gamers have hundreds of MMOs to choose from. So yeah, FFIX is up against a lot of competition on PC. It's going to be judged a lot harsher and esp. against the market leader.

Conversely, the game will probably fare better on console since a) it was built for a console and b) there is currently no competition at all.

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KingZFlipper3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

I think it can be better than the PC version, but not by much. Seeing that FFXIV PC version is a disappointment.

Celeras3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

I personally think it will be vastly approved. Even before release, I always looked as the PC version as a long beta for the Ps3 version..

lastdual3294d ago

I think the interface can be improved. It will have to be heavily streamlined, and that will make some aspects of play less cumbersome.

However, the repetitive quest structure, broken mechanics and needless grinding are still big hurdles to overcome. It would have to practically be turned into a different game to become "good".

Wizziokid3294d ago

if they fix all it's issues then yes

NeutralGamer3294d ago

Could FF13 be salvaged?

if they fix all it's issues then yes

Too bad that a shitty history, bad written script and lame character can't be fixed by patches...

Caffo013294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

FFXIV is a MMO...totally different from a RPG!next time get your facts right before commenting.

Arnon3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

Wow. Those were some great facts, Caffo01.

NeutralGamer3293d ago

What part of "can't be fixed by patches..." dont you get?

I know FF14 is a MMO which can be patched lol...

FAGOL3294d ago

simple answer no. just bring out versus and kh3 square enix plzzzzz.

divideby03294d ago

15 bucks per month on top of the bad press this game has received is not gonna help.

they need to have a way lower monthly fee

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