Sony Looking To Expand Play TV Globally

In an Interview with Gamespot SCEE President David Reeves told Gamespot that Sony is currently in talks with Various companies to bring the service worldwide

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MaximusPrime4100d ago

better image for you. check it out and update it please. ;)

boi4100d ago

damn nice set up for the pic...who's the photography!

tosh614099d ago

will you be able to record your gameplay and make montages, etc. that people frequently do using capture cards?

Blitzed4099d ago

By Feb. 19 2009, all NA broadcast will be digital. FCC/CRTC mandate.

N4GayFanturds4099d ago

Sony announces 'PLAY TV' for the PS3 because you can't PLAY GAMES on it because there are hardly any.

Sony suggests it's PS3 owners should spend their would-be-game-time watching PooRay movies and scouring the internet searching for every BS Fa6boy anti-360 articles they can find as well as troll forums to bash the 360 at any chance given while they Wait B3yond for more over-hyped, low-rated PS3 games.

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Itachi4099d ago

looks like your no different to sony fanboys with your useless trolling get a life mate

ALI-G4099d ago (Edited 4099d ago )

but u made me laugh sooooooooooooo [email protected] loud, you made my day
and what u said is 100000%true

bubble for u + agree + the first in my track list

@5.4CrapMan: (also prefer quality over quantity )
what r u drinkin ? i want some, unless u drinkin sony piss again
what quality u talking about ?
(lair=poo )
(HS=POO/short 6h what did the most advance BR 50GB CRAP do here )
(warhawk got mixed reviews)
(3rd part games come first in 360 and run much better)
the rest of 2007 there is only BR relases and demoes
2008 MGS4(you pull big stuff from ur pocket,A.I that was the funniest thing i have ever seen)
and what KZ(UNPROVEN, apart from graphic there is nothing, did u see the devloper walkthrogh?thegameplay was super sh1t, A.1 Will just jump in ur way to shoot them,cover sytem GEARS rip off)
both of these games has sh1t A.1 and UBISOFT stated 2 timce that BS3 cannot handle the A.1 nearly as good as the 360 :first WITH assissian creed , than SC:convection

360/2008 lineup: TooHuman - HaloWrs -NG2 -SC:C - Alan Wake - GTA4:Exculsive epsiode - BanjoKazooie 3/ peter jackson project
plus expect announcment for sequal for many exculsive 360 has

his name is dragonballz but his pic from another planet so i donot think he will care about it in
( [email protected] s )

@5.5: there is also around 60 people tracked TheMart(N4G RECORED)

N4GayFanturds4099d ago

Thanx. I don't normally least not as bad as many on here do. I just had to let that out, is all.

Tsukasah4099d ago (Edited 4099d ago )

y'kno i ust noticed that your name is DragunBall Z... assuming you're not making fun of hte series... but funimation or whoever makes dragonball is going to "PooRay" exclusivity =) just thought i'd point that out.

also switch your words around a bit from ps3 fanboy etc to xbots...... and aim it at the mart.... all fanboys are the same, just tifferent words..

Ugh, the reason EA went with 30 FPS on PS3 is because they didnt want to spend the extra month or so programming the PS3 so it could have 60fps, the devs dont know the PS3's architecture all that well. If they knew the stuff the PS3 games would look better. 360 is old gen hardware, PS3 is new, give it time.

PS3 lineup - MGS4, Killzone 2, Uncharted, GT5, Resistance sequel, HS sequel(possibly)... those are just games im psyched about, i know there are tons more. there should be ohhh.... around 90 something PS3 sequels by march 2008 =)

i buy a console with the most advanced hardware, i also prefer quality over quantity, thats why i bought the origional XBox....

what quality? reliable hardware, and not to mention its the best touch for any HD home theater, great multimedia hub, cheap bluray player...
lair isnt out yet, but will be great
HS isnt out yet either, look at all the reviews though, poo? i think not!
warhawk will be aweswome, great beta
3rd party games will end up being better on PS3, once devs learn the hardware, the reason games look better on 360 is because the games they make are built on the hardware, the games have to use all cores of the processor, so they make certain little bits of the processing go towards the remaining 5 cores, making it process slower because it takes more time, i'd explain more but i dont feel like it..

the KZ2 gameplay was not sh!t at all, obviously you didnt examine the walkthrough at all, also you cant judge gameplay till the game is out. MGS4 already proved itself, looks fun, looks great. Just because KZ1 sucked doesnt mean KZ2 will, take deus ex for exmample, the first was great, the sequel was horrible!

360 has a huge selection of games, but not many of them are that great, only ones that are good are gears and bioshock(atleast the ones that are out) halo 3 and mass effect will be good titles yes, but after that there wont be many games, PS3 basically has a handful of titles left to come out in 2007, and they will be good, and has 2008 secured.

The reason alot of games on PS3 are worse than 360's is becuase the developers dont want to take the extra one to two months to program for the PS3 because its architecture is so new, the 360s is old last gen hardware and its easy to use, and cheaper. I'd explain to you why its easier, why ps3's is harder yadda yadda, but A. I dont think your fanboy mind could comprehend the information. B. You'd say its fake and all that stupid stuff and C. My nephew spilt pepsi on the keyboard and hte keys are all sticky now >.>

Heres some PS3 exclusives come 08 - MGS4, KZ2, GT5, Uncharted, A possible HS sequel, and a possible resistance sequel, Folklore(or thats coming out in 07, not sure). Those are just some games that im psyched about, but come march there will be around 90 something PS3 exclusives =)

MaximusPrime4099d ago

i say the worst troll is theMART. He is clearly xbox360 fanboy and made many stupid comments.

He is already on my ignored list. i am one of the at least 60 people ignored theMART.

borntodie0074099d ago

very well said. u jus took the words from me and put it there. amazing...
i think u just earned urself a bubble. i wish i can give u 2 =P

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