Tesco wants 20% of games market by 2012

Supermarket behemoth Tesco wants to have a 20 per cent share of the UK games software market.

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units3289d ago

tesco should stick to food poisoning its customers

tynam3289d ago

ha, that actually made me laugh

TheColbertinator3288d ago

lol Yeah I heard about the pork recalls

Rush3288d ago

Tesco is flying higher then a kite if they think that's going to happen.

Hades13373289d ago

I've bought my last two games from supermarkets (Halo Reach and FIFA 11) mainly because they have great prices for new releases. I remember Modern Warfare 2 being £25 at Morrisons on the day of release last year.

tynam3289d ago

i was forced to buy MW2 at tesco for £45 because everywhere else had sold out and i wasnt willing to wait for online delivery, turns out it wasnt worth it :/

Thecraft19893288d ago

when ? Because at launch tesco and asda where competing so asda was selling it £31 and tesco where selling £27 on day after launch

Emmettcelticfan3288d ago

The deal with tesco was that you got it for £27 if you bought another game that was in the charts at the time with it

N4GAddict3288d ago

That is a pretty big share

fossilfern3288d ago

They tend to have good prices on the games, if they keep the prices right ill buy out of there :D

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The story is too old to be commented.