MS: We need to put more resources behind PC gaming

Xbox 360 manufacturer says it will support both platforms in the future.

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units3288d ago

start buying or building more studios then

toaster3288d ago

MS doesn't care about PC gaming, it probably just wants to port over Kinect so it can buttrape stupid people into buying Kinectimals.

GFWL is a joke, it's been broken and annoying since it was launched. Nothing good has come from Microsoft's attempt to gain PC fans. It'd just be better if MS stayed out of PC gaming altogether.

wwm0nkey3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

The new Age of Empires is pretty good, im loving the beta so far.

imvix3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

Lol true.

While Microsoft has been battling Sony. Both of them have been incurring nothing but losses.

Valve on the other hand has been quietly building and making PROFITS at the same time. Steam alone has reached a point where nearly 3million users are online at the same time, that easily rivals XBL. Steam numbers have significantly grown compared to the start of this year, where we hardly used to see 2.2-2.3 million people online at the same time.

Microsoft and Sony can keep making losses, the only real winner here is Valve. I already forsee next gen consoles launching in the next few years, with a reset base from 0. Steam on the other hand will just keep growing.

Games4M - Rob3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

Why would next gen consoles restart their live service from scratch ?

Live started on the original xbox and ported its userbase across.

PSN covers PS3 and the PSP.

All online services will continue to grow. I actually wouldnt be surprised if the PS4 used Steam as its community infrastructure - Sony and Valve seem to be pretty chummy these days.

Calm Down Sunshine3288d ago

Perhaps even Sony, Valve & Google, what with the new TV partnership.

One console to rule them all..

imvix3288d ago


Will PS4 games work on the PS3? nope they wont. Thats a base reset.

With PC you hold onto your older titles when you upgrade. Even if you dont upgrade there always is the opportunity to play next gen games at lower settings, something Consoles will never get. Hence when the Steam user base grows they have a good chance of keeping their older games (older games will even work on higher resolutions with newer hardware). While console gamers lose out on BC and face a situation where they need to build a library from scratch.

Dont give me the crap that you can keep multiple old consoles. No ones gonna be having a PS2, PS3, PS4 plugged on the same tv at the same time. Never mind the fact that hardware eventually gets old and fails. So will console gamers then keep rebuying older consoles or keep paying Sony and micro for upressed rehashes?

Games4M - Rob3288d ago

"Will PS4 games work on the PS3?"

I dont know and neither do you so your point is moot.

I think that its highly likely that they will because Sony has had a lot of critiscism over the lack of BC in most PS3's.

Still that just my speculation and im not going to use it as the foundation for an argument based entirely on assumption and neither should you.

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gauntletpython3288d ago

Classic instance of a publisher saying one thing ("We support PC gaming!") and then doing another (Closing Ensemble, not porting Xbox games like Halo and Alan Wake, etc).

NegativeCreepWA3288d ago

Esemble was turned into two studios so really they created a studio, fact your straight.

Tony P3288d ago

Sure, MS. The problem is, when you "support" PC gaming you tend to turn that word into a double-edged sword.

evrfighter3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

As a pc gamer I can say. They don't have to. Blizzard and Valve (Especially), Have done a fantastic job filling the Void M$ left when it went into the toy business.

Also as a pc gamer. when I see "support both consoles". All I see is "make better optimized ports" -_-.

Truth is they saw how much Sc2 sold at launch and kicked themselves in the a$$.

If they want to get back in the pc gaming industry they need to get in good with Gabe as they can't compete with Steam. Gabe won't allow that until they get rid of the restrictions on xbox.

I guess in the end pc gamers really are the console gamers last bastion of defense against the suits that keep bending them over.

Sarcasm3288d ago

It would have been nice to play Alan Wake in HD

Apotheosize3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

PC gaming doesnt want you Microsoft. I'm glad that you see which is the superior platform, but were not taking you back, while youre still cheating on us with the 360.

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