Most Infamous Video Game Delays (RunDLC)

PlayStation fans received disappointing news this morning in the form of a Gran Turismo 5 delay. The news was certainly a shock to some gamers, who have been waiting years for Polyphony Digital’s incredible looking sequel. Now, instead of the game launching November 2nd, it’ll debut sometime this holiday season.

Of course, GT5 is but one of several games that have experienced delays. Here now, are some of the most notable.

John Artest (RunDLC)

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alphakennybody3289d ago

another excuse to make another lame top list, pathetic if you ask me.

Bathyj3289d ago

RunDLC should get a paddlin'

(Sorry, I'm just cracking myself up here.)

Buff10443289d ago

I laughed, and I even posted the article here.

Megaton3289d ago

Could be worse. Chris Buffa (Buff1044) could still be trolling the PS3 at GameDaily. I prefer him reduced to a bottomless pit of lists at RunDLC.

ExplosionSauce3289d ago

Oh god GameDaily... bleh lol

tanman7773289d ago

i hate myself for giving them a hit.

TheLastGuardian3289d ago

Every time I think about GT5 getting delayed I feel a little pissed but then I look at a screenshot and I'm like...ok I guess I can wait a little longer.

Urmomlol3289d ago

"Most Infamous" is pretty damn misleading considering all the games you listed are fairly recent. Zero research went into this article clearly. Big surprise.

PandaJenkins3289d ago

exactly what I wanted to say -_-.

Swiftfox3289d ago

Oh look, a high profile game got delayed. Guess it's time to make a "Delayed games list."

Oh look a game that uses cover, time to make another "Best cover based games" list.

Oh look, a game with amazing graphics, time to make another "Best Graphics in video games" list.

Like clockwork.

BlueTroll3289d ago

yup- this site is pathetic. it's almost like NowGamer and RunDLC joined forces. If I see this site, NowGamer, or Desttructoid on the articles, I don't even click through. It's stupid.

cyborg3289d ago

the most pathetic list I have read. NO research, no nothing.

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The story is too old to be commented.