Hands-On: Dead Space Extraction on the PlayStation Move | Spawn Kill

This survival horror experience is doin' it right on the PlayStation Move. Dead Space 2 is going to be one of the meatiest packages yet that a game could come in, with the actually fun multiplayer experience, what we’re hoping will be another solid survival horror campaign from Visceral, 8 hours of Dead Space Extraction, and also Dead Space Ignition the comic choose your own adventure hacking PSN game… For the price of a standard console game.

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CrzyFooL4234d ago

Its an alien shooting gallery woot!!

rroded4234d ago

after the first one this is a must buy
adding onine co-op is icing enough but a free game ta boot
lets jus say they erned their pre order XD

MachinaMaw4234d ago

Okay I think I have to get this now.

dragunrising4234d ago

Does anyone know if Dead Space 2 single and multiplayer campaign has Move controls as well? If so, DS2 and Killzone 2 (with Move support implemented right) would compell me to buy Move.

KingNintendoFanboy4234d ago

Game didn't interest me on the Wii, and honestly it still doesn't.

CrzyFooL4234d ago

dont be mad cuz it looked all crappy on teh Wii fanboy

Griefy4234d ago

To bad you get it free for the PS3 version.

karl4234d ago

well.. it was simply awesome.. soo your loss

ShadowPraxis4234d ago

Never got around to playing the Wii version, which of course makes me part of the problem.

I may well pick up the HD port, however.

Still, the biggest problem? I don't own a Move and my achievement whore side would rather play it on 360 than PS3 anyway. Meh.

Oh well...

Griefy4234d ago

its only said to be coming out as a free game along with Dead Space 2 PS3.

tigresa4234d ago

It's actually playable with a controller as well, not just the Move!

SSKILLZ4234d ago

it was cool on the wii and it will be awesome on move, if you haven't played it yet you're missing out.

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