Socom 4 Special Forces Gameplay

Footage taken at the EuroGamer Expo at Earls Court London 2010.

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TheLastGuardian3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

Oops, I accidentally disagreed sorry. After playing RE5 and MAG with the Move and navigation controller I can't wait to try more TPS and FPS games with Move.
Killzone 3 and SOCOM 4 are both looking amazing.

With Move I get more replayability with games. I can play through the campaign once with the Move and once with the Dualshock 3 and whichever I prefer more I will use online.

ilikestuff3947d ago ShowReplies(3)
40cal3947d ago

Socom has been around for a long time kid, now go do your homework.

Trroy3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

Lol... Fail. MW2 is a FPS. This is a TPS. You're starting off on a pretty bad foot, comparing the two. Did you even watch the video?

cmrbe3947d ago

You must be an 8 year old for not knowing that SOCOM came before MWF. Heck SOCOM came before COD.

saoco3947d ago

i wouldnt call it a rip off, socom has been around for a long time and their formula hasn't really changed.

totallysane3947d ago

hey man just a lil fyi. socom came out long before cod4 did, so dont give yourself the satifaction of another company ripping off one of the worst shooters ever. socom pioneered multiplayer on the ps. and its coming back again, but i dont think theres any more room in here for your head and two bubbles, have fun wit ur one bubble. and btw socom is a strategic squad based tps, where in mw2 do you get that?

TheGameFoxJTV3946d ago

YOU FUCKING MORON! If anything most modern shooters copied SOCOM! Socom 1 and 2 were two of the world's best shooters ever.

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ilikestuff3947d ago

i cant wait to play, i know confrontation had flaws but i loved it, this one is gonna be awesome... hopefully

SyphonFilter3947d ago

confrontation is a pos and not even a real socom hence why the real developers didnt make it[zipper]

vickers5003947d ago

Hopefully the community aren't such dicks this time around. Seriously, go play in a match of Confrontation where most people have headsets: a lot of the time, when you first enter the game, you immediately start getting votes to be kicked out for no reason, and other times, if you get kicked out if you just aren't that good.

I don't think they will be as prevalent and as bad when the game first launches, which is why I'm getting the game day one, so I can avoid the elitist a$$holes that will later on flood the game.

Jayjayff3947d ago

I think that is one of their best features, getting in another account bring it your mates killing them and them voting is one of the best thing.

hardcorehippiez3947d ago

and we dont just kick you out for the hell of it . usually because new players dont have a clue what they are doing and tend to drag the stats of the clan down and leave them undermanned. when clans are looking for new members they usually dont kick. try playing spawn respawn to get yourself up to a good standard and believe me a clan will come looking for you too join. socom is a highly competitive game. oh and that mike thing is bullshit but it sure helps to have 1 and use it.

mopground3947d ago

yup that community is full of assholes unfortunately


People also vote as a way to say look out when they can't talk to you (enemy is close or they are dead). So if you get only one vote don't be worried.

That said, yes SOCOM is filled with this kind of people, but that's an online only highly competitive squad based game, so if you don't have a clue and ignore everyone's advices, no one will be inclined to help you out too. You could argue you bought the game and you play it like f*ing Rambo if you want, but them people will argue they bought theirs too and they want you to do it anywhere else... Majority wins.

Be cool, listen to what people say, try teamwork and text message people if you have anything to say (or even better, buy an headset, it's totally worth if you want to play it right) and 90% of the people won't kick you out anyway. Unless it's a language/region problem, for example I'm brazillian and mostly play on Brasil server, we kick anyone that don't at least speaks portuguse as soon as we can.

FragGen3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

Really, I've been playing MAG since day one and a lot of MAG regulars in my time slot are ginormous tools, too. Zipper seems good at designing team/tactical military games that really attract a loyal cult following and a lot of these guys take themselves way too seriously.

There are some really great/nice dudes too but the a-holes can leave you feeling bitter about everyone sometimes.

vickers5003946d ago (Edited 3946d ago )

What advice? All they say to me is how much I f*cking suck and then tell everybody to kick me out of the game. About a week or two ago, I thought to myself, hey, it would be fun to pop in Socom for a quick match or two, seeing as how I had a lot of fun playing the beta in private matches with my friends.

So I pop it in, wait like 5 minutes on matchmaking before I give up and go to the custom servers and just join one that isn't full. As I first spawn, I choose a sniper rifle and run into a room where I get f*cked up pretty fast. Within 5 seconds, I got like 4 or 5 votes to be kicked, so I just went ahead and left.

I'm never putting Confrontation in my ps3 again. It's too bad that the game is now full of pathetic douchebags who have forgotten what games are for: to have fun. You could argue that being so competitive is fun to them, but I'd say that's bullsh*t at how pissed off they get at the most trivial of issues. They take the game way too damn seriously .

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sashimi3947d ago

dude that's your reflection.

Close_Second3947d ago

Love to know what makes it look like garbage to you. I have never purchased a SOCOM game yet but this one has me excited.

ilikestuff3947d ago

looks like garbage? is that what the hooker said when you wiped it out? anyways, get off the meth bro, the game looks good, from what ive seen so far id give it a 8.5 or 9 for graphics

FragGen3947d ago

Looks like MAG in third person, actually. No surprise. I think people ragged on MAG for GFX unfairly. I always felt the look was just fine and never really detracted from the game play. It wasn't cutting edge like MW2 or KZ2 but it was definitely good enough for current gen hardware and didn't get in the way.

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mikhail_tisoy3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

meh ai is retarded

sashimi3947d ago

stop commenting while looking at yourself in the mirror.

TheLastGuardian3947d ago

oh I thought he said ai like He was talking like a retard saying "I" and calling himself a retard.

SyphonFilter3947d ago

he probably got E64 or E82,playing pc ports is no fun i guess.

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