Fable III deleted Kinect features revealed

Details have emerged of Fable III’s deleted mini-games that were originally supposed to be compatible with Kinect.

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rroded3700d ago

no doubt with game tie ins who know maybe will even see milo....

ImpartialMan3700d ago

but its sad that so many xbox fanboys are hyping up Kinect...

dont they see what they are doing?? they are helping MS casualize Xbox.
I wont support the casualization of my xbox period.

toaster3699d ago Show
yippiechicken3699d ago


I'm sure my younger nephews and nieces will enjoy it! Especially since, you know, that's who the game is designed for.

Thanks again!

SimpleSlave3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

I grew up with Arcade games, DOS games and the Atari 2600. As a little kid I played Double Dragon, Asteroids, Mario, Load Runner, Donkey Kong, Pitfall, Street Fighter and so on.

What happened to this younger generation? Just because they are kids don't mean they have to be subjugated to stuff like Kinectimals. I mean c'mon they are not stupid.

I say give these kids better games and stop with the pussyfication of this generation!

DARK WITNESS3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

@ SimpleSlave

nothing has happened to the younger Gen, it's just as Games have become more and more main stream, you have more and more adults trying to dictate what they think the kids want ( half these adults are not gamers themselves )

We see kids all the time trying to get hold of games outside of their age rating, but as the media has pumped more and more trash about games being bad for the kids, well the games are turning pink and fluffy.

not to mention the invasion of the casual market.

personally I hate the direction this is all going. I like my xbox but I am not buying Kinect and I have no intention of supporting this casual crap.

I will tell you what really, really drives me nuts ! when you see the videos of the gamer shows like the recent expo and you see these gamers who you would think are hardcore and then they interview them playing some trash game and they are all smiles and going on about how awesome it is.

ok, ok, I know it's all about having fun... i am getting older and maybe it's just me being a miserable old sod, but it makes me grind my teeth. anyway, I suppose one has to think about the people who have worked so hard to make some of this stuff happen and even if I don't like it personally, others enjoy it so it's all good ( my mellow side is coming out now ).

seinfan3699d ago

What are you talking about? Very few people on this site are interested in Kinect, let alone hyping it. Impartial? Go to hell.

PooEgg3699d ago

I am not interested in Kinect either, but I am also not interested in Move, I just tell myself that this will give me some time to catch up on the games I currently own and never have enough time to play, and once this motion control nonsense has run its course maybe MS and Sony will realize what Nintendo has just recently figured out and will start thinking about gamers again instead of casuals.

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frostyhat1233700d ago

Really didn't care that it had kinect support.

PooEgg3699d ago

I am happy that they deleted it. I will buy it this way but if it had Kinect support I might have took a pass.

3699d ago
AceofStaves3699d ago

Kinect-enabled DLC would be a great option; those who have the peripheral could use it. Sounds like a good business sense. They can wait to see what the adoption of Kinect is like, and then decide whether or not to release DLC to utilize it.

jneul3699d ago


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