Destructoid: Medal of Honor Review

Medal of Honor isn't bad at all, but it simply doesn't do anything that hasn't been done better, except for create a realistic and immersive war situation

Realistic and immersive war situations, however, don't make for great gameplay.

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pangitkqb3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

At the risk of MANY disagrees, MoH is an awesome game and I'm starting to doubt how much time reviewers who gave the game a low score actually spent with the Multiplayer.

Having spent countless hours playing numerous quality shooters ( Battlefield: BC2, Resistance 1 & 2, the Halo Franchise, Killzone 2, years of the CoD franchise, etc...all of which offered great experiences) I am shocked that Medal of Honor is being written off so poorly.

Although the campaign is admittedly not groundbreaking, the multiplayer is truly a total riot. Even the amazing BBc2 hasn't created so much cooperation on the digital battlefield when trying to reach objectives as a team.

Hence... I'm calling bullshit. Either these asshat reviewers didn't spend the time needed to appreciate the multiplayer or they simply don't understand quality and shouldn't be reviewing games. Either way, I've never seen so many bad reviews in my history as a gamer.

Now THAT is a rant, and I don't typically EVER rant.

@Red2Tango Thank you! Like you, I'm seriously dumbfounded at the perception so many of these reviewers have of MoH. I honestly don't get it. I'm not saying it's GoTY material by any means, but a solid 85 Metacritic would be far more accurate.

Hell, I'm not even some MoH fan from the past. This is the first one I have ever played. OH well.

wsoutlaw873292d ago

@pogibaldy i completely agree after having a lot of fun with the sp because, it just feels better and your not the one superman of the group spreading off from the team. It just feels like a military shooter and makes it much more intense and exciting. Not to mention its very varied in a way that makes sense and is not just random. Then playing the mp and having a blast for like two hours and i came here to be very shocked that people dont like it. I just dont get it. the only thing wrong is the sp difficulty because you have to play it on hard, and the lag. But you know they will fix at least some of the lag

Tikicobra3292d ago


It's not the site that sucks, it's Jim Sterling.

dgroundwater3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

The game doesn't suck. They said so in the first sentence.

Destructoid (Jim Sterling) just plain hates unoriginal games. Regardless of how competent it is, if it plays like ten things you've played before then it will receive a lower grade. Simple as that.

Believe it or not there are many gamers who are looking for new games to try besides military fpses. Destructoid often gives time of day to those too.

If this style of criticism bothers you, go read from journalists who can stomach the same games remixed year after year.

Ashriel3292d ago

"Destructoid (Jim Sterling) just plain hates unoriginal games. "
I guess that's why he praised Darksiders and Singularity so much...

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meganick3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

What is the deal with all the hate for Destructoid on N4G? I think they're one of the more honest and reliable gaming sites.

EDIT: @Unicron - I love Jim Sterling. He's my favorite Destructoid reviewer because he's not afraid to call it like he sees it. While tons of other sites and publications were praising that piece of crap Final Fantasy 13, Jim was one of the few reviewer to accurately rate that game. I don't always agree with Jim, like when he gave Assassin's Creed 2 a 4 out of 10 (I'd have given it an 8 or a 9), but I can tell he's genuine, and I enjoy reading his witty writing.

Unicron3292d ago

Lack of consistency.
Lack of integrity.
Jim Sterling.

Need I go on?

visualb3292d ago

you know not what honest and reliable is

dtoid - unprofessional, unreliable and simply not to be taken seriously at all

its like going to The Sun magazine for in depths political analyses'

jarrod19813292d ago

their score for ac2 was enough for me to know they dont know wtf they're talking about.

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thorstein3292d ago

I really like the MP, even though it can be choppy, and laggy, and the server went down last night, it is more enjoyable than MW2. I didn't see any environs explode ala BFBC2 though. I like the killstreaks better and I like that there isn't always a "back way" into wherever you are fighting from.

I haven't played SP yet.

ElementX3292d ago

Users on Amazon have given MOH a ton of bad reviews.

talltony3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

The sp so far is great. The sp is better than bfbc2 and much better than mw2's. I can't speak on behalf of the mp yet. But the game is def not a 6.5. Easily 8 and above.

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Unicron3292d ago

I'm gonna guess Sterling...

Yup. Figured.

red2tango3292d ago

I don't get the negative reviews.

I have the game and it's really fun. The single player missions are intense. Modern Warfare 2's story was so here-and-there and it didn't help going from Brazil to Russia to Afghanistan to Washington.

The story is intense and the realism is great and it makes you feel like you're in the battle against the Taliban and Chechnyans.

The multiplayer is great. You'll spend your first couple of games having more deaths than kills, but the action is intense. This is not Modern Warfare run and gun. This is stay out of sight and move fast. No unrealistic quick sniping and other garbage you've seen from Activision products.

red2tango3292d ago

...only complaint is the length of the single player, 4-5 hours on medium. still got to complete it on hard and tier 1 mode.

ddurand13292d ago

the game is a 7.0-8.0. it isnt bad.

but it isnt great

Faztkiller3292d ago

"Realistic and immersive war situations, however, don't make for great gameplay."
IMO That's what makes the game great

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