GC Leipzig 07 Awards

This year once again, the Leipzig Fair presents the "Best of GC" award to the best game and the best hardware at the GC (Games Convention) 2007. The prize was awarded in a total of ten categories.

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MK_Red4163d ago

Wow, they were on drugs right? Mario & Sonic At Olympic the best Wii game? This is the worst choice and award possible in the history of gaming.

Depressed Mode4163d ago

I would have to agree. I think that games looks damn terrible.

ps3FTW4163d ago

Killzone 2 sould be best PS3 game.

jay34163d ago

I think these awards a based on what was shown at the event.

Nothing was really shown about KZ2, but what the hell? PES best PS3 game?

That's retarded.

Meus Renaissance4163d ago

They voted on the games that were there to PLAY

MK_Red4163d ago

And PES 08 winning the best PS3 game? Stupidity of this plus Mario & Sconic at Olympics as best Wii game makes laugh. They must think that Shak Fu and ET Atari 2600 are the best games of all time or something.

Imalwaysright4163d ago

No its not i said this once and ill say it again PES IS a system Seller, a AAA title and the BEST sports game EVER!! Madden is CRAP compared with PES.

Clinton5144163d ago

Why is it any surprise that a football(soccer) game won best game in Europe?

ahnonamis4163d ago

There aren't a lot of American shows where people vote Madden Best of Show/Console.

Lord Anubis4163d ago

Football/Soccer/Futbol is the most popular sport in the world but it doesn't mean it will always win awards. Simply becuase Europe likes football doesn't mean they can't appreciate other games.

PES has always been a fine game, and I'm betting it will be even better this time around.

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