SG: Lucha Libre Heroes Del Ring Review

Review of Lucha Libre Heroes Del Ring. The first game brought to the United States and Canada by an all Latin American development team.

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AvidGamerrrr3700d ago

This game is a LOT more fun than I expected it to be

Urmomlol3700d ago


1.) No professional journalistic outlet has a review for this game out yet.
2.) Which means it's either embargoed or hardly any review copies were given to the media.
3.) Buuuuuuuuuuuuut a torrent for the pirated copy went live yesterday.
4.) SG got busted posting an early review for Halo: Reach well before the embargo expired. They claimed it was a legitimately purchased copy and yet refused to produce a receipt.

Mr. Holmes, I think we have a case.

AnthonyAccinell3700d ago

Are you freaking kidding me?! This game was released October 12th to the public. I even sent the review to the company that made the game, along with the PR company (TheRednerGroup) and they both came back with great remarks.

Go get a life and STOP trying to make it seem like StrengthGamer pirates a game. Get your facts straight. There are PLENTY of reviews out there, and considering Medal of Honor was released, the majority of what you call "professional journalistic outlets" are tied up with that.

I'll even give you the email address of the PR company, along with the development team and you can ask them yourself. Jesus H. Christ.

BlueTroll3700d ago

@Urmomlol: How would you know there was a torrent for it released yesterday? Unless you pirate games...

Mr. Holmes, I think we have a case.

nevin13700d ago

Explain you reason why its fun?