Why Dead Nation Added Online Co-Op

Co-Optimus chats with the CEO of Housemarque to find out why they decided to work overtime to include online co-op.

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Hellsvacancy3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

Why (or y) ask a question like that? theyd moan like fu<k if they hadnt of added co-op

Im lookin 4ward 2 Dead Nation, its my turn 2 buy the next game for me and my game-sharin buddies, looks like itll b worth every penny

Edit: In other words Jriquelme below me has no friends! i joke i joke ill play with ya boss (game with ya)

BubbleSystemSuck3292d ago

dont care if add or not Online CoOp... but... HOW I HATE ONLINE TROPHIES

like "finish coop all missions"

dead_eye3291d ago

Dead rising 2 to is that aimed at lol pain in the arse that one

deadpoole3291d ago

Release date ... come onnn ... give us a release date.

JsonHenry3291d ago

There is NO reason why games like this (in this day and age) DO NOT include co-op.

The fact they even thought about excluding it makes me wonder about if they should continue in this line of business..

callahan093292d ago

DEFINITELY the right decision.

xTrueLegendx3292d ago

yeah this is a defiant buy for me cause of the added co-op

mac_sparrow3291d ago

I too will buy this because of the co-op AND I TOO DON'T GIVE A DAMN IF PEOPLE DON'T LIKE IT.

Sorry, couldn't resist.

ddurand13292d ago

any news on release date? this may be my first PSN buy

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