The Light After Black and White

Jonathan Nunez expresses why he thinks Pokemon on the 3DS will be the best of all the Pokemon games.

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acronkyoung3294d ago

I don't know, I need long breaks in between Pokemon games. I played Red obsessively when I was younger, and then remained Pokemon-less until I bought Pearl. Even then, I played over 100 hours but was so obsessive about catching everything and leveling everything that I eventually burned out before I even beat the story and stopped playing it. I don't think I'm ready to jump back into a new Pokemon.

jnune093294d ago

adding the online, gives you a bit of a reason to continue the training.

-Judge_Fudge3294d ago

wow guy guess you had
*puts on sunglasses*

Stealth20k3294d ago

sprites are the only think that work for main pokemon games

ranmafandude3294d ago

even though i think i took it too far with pokemon platinum. i play this game for 400+hours. i got 420something pokemon and that's when i knew i had a problem. i'll be preordering pokemon black anyway cause that's how much i love em.