Fable III Kingmaker now available for iPhone

GamerZines writes:

After a slight delay, Fable III: Kingmaker is now available to download through the iTunes Store.

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Myst3288d ago

I take it that this is still EU - UK based?

dkblackhawk503288d ago

GamerZines confuse you? With the heat system out of whack? Why yes...

LoVeRSaMa3288d ago

This is really awesome, I don't have an Xbox or fable though ^___^

Inventive though :)

Myst3288d ago

Okay what...? Either way the question was two fold as to one [still UK based only?] also meaning will it ever come to the states.

Mooshy_Muffin3288d ago

I've downloaded it on my iphone but all it does is crash...

Manac0R3288d ago

Tried it on iPhone 4 and iPad and just crashes as soon as I try opening :(

JasonBloodbourne3288d ago

i downloaded it today and it kept saying error for user name when i was registering! gash!