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TROLL EATER3288d ago

woow nice ad. wivout any molyneux over the top hye. game is lookin good

Corepred43288d ago

i've never been too big on rpg games except for a few and i have never played any fable game. should i play those first and then this one or is this series just not for me?

Eric Barrier3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

You should just go straight to Fable 3 unless you have the money for Fable 2, seeing as how that would be a nice way to introduce you to the series and you can carry over your saves. Fable 3 though is taking many of the tedious aspects of RPGs out so you should feel right at home with the series if yo enjoy action games.

ProjectVulcan3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

If you want to know what next gen consoles should be capable of in realtime then you just watched the right trailer. Also, watch a few halo wars cutscenes. That level should be achievable.

Cenobia3288d ago

It's unfortunate that the Gamestop exclusive content ad is so terrible.

I almost didn't play Batman: Arkham Asylum because Gamestop made it look so bad.

Omega43288d ago

MS's marketing genius strikes again. They certainly know how to make an epic tv ad.

cliffbo3282d ago

as normal no actual game play footage will MS ever show there games actually running on a 360 or are they not good enough to show the game play ?

N4PS3G3288d ago

This ad is awesome. From the song to the slow motion.

ndibu3288d ago

Microsoft Games Studios has one

Liamario3288d ago

Getting tired of these same Gears of War-esque Microsoft ads. They are all the same style. In fairness, the ad is quite good- just wish they'd use some imagination.

Zir03288d ago

I don't see why you would tire of them they are arguably the best in the industry. Epic scenes with epic music can never go wrong in my books.

dead_eye3288d ago

and slow motion. don't forget slow motion.

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The story is too old to be commented.