Microsoft ‘working hard’ to meet Kinect demand

Platform holder insists there will be more Kinects available day one than any other Xbox launch

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Zir03291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

More than any Xbox launch? Could that mean Kinect could sell 1ml worldwide day 1, that would be very impressive for an accessory.

They said they are shipping more than any Xbox launch, so find those numbers and you got a minimum of how much the initial allocation is.

MrMccormo3291d ago

Microsoft keeps talking about demand and how it is "sold out" everywhere, and yet we have NOT had a single concrete number. If you have 10 copies of Kinect worldwide, it's going to sell out pretty quickly, you know?

Instead of "meeting demand" and saying it's "sold out", just be straight with us M$ and tell us how many Kinects you have on the market.

Zir03291d ago

They actually mention in the article that the 360 sold 70,000 on it launch weekend so expect them to sell at least that on launch day in the UK alone.

EVILDEAD3603291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

Instead of "meeting demand" and saying it's "sold out", just be straight with us M$ and tell us how many Kinects you have on the market.

LOL @ pretending ANY of the console companies have put out numbers when they make these statements..

Either way they are going to sell through on the first wave and the holiday restock on Black Friday

It'll definately be more than '10'

DiRtY3291d ago

Probably hard at work to troll the news.

MS said they want to sell 3 million by years end.

They are selling more than 70k in the UK in the first 2 days.(Reading the article might help)

Did you hear Sony saying: we will sell X amount of PS Move controllers?!

JokesOnYou3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

"Microsoft keeps talking about demand and how it is "sold out" everywhere, and yet we have NOT had a single concrete number. If you have 10 copies of Kinect worldwide, it's going to sell out pretty quickly, you know?"

-Why would micro predict 3mil by years end only to release "10 copies"?, which would obviously keep them from reaching their own goal. lol...if you read he says:

“Over the course of just three weeks in November, we’re launching across every market where Xbox 360 is sold and will have more units of Kinect available than any other Xbox launch."

-I'd guess that this means micro will have at least 1mil available at launch to cover demand since 360 sold around 1mil its first month prior to Xmas. Also I haven't seen alot of articles about microsoft themselves saying kinect is "sold out" as you claim, actually most of that has come from websites qouting Amazon, UK Game stores, preorder estimates etc.


MorganX3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

While I have no desire for a Kinect, not yet anyway, it seems pretty clear it's going to do well. Just the indication on other forums (non-gaming tech sites) of intent to buy is quite large. The number of people saying they're not interested in the gaming but want it for navigation is quite high too. Chalk that one up to (t)he Live! service. With so much to do on Live! having Kinect for hands-free navigation is clearly desired by many.

It will be interesting. I did not expect such high demand. Whether or not that translates to sale(s) ... well, we can start counting on November 4th.

Triella3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

Well it's easy MS doesn't supply game store to then brag about Kinect selling out and generate hype and demand for their flawed product.

According to this at least :

"Multiple Game outlets are telling customers that pre-ordering Kinect quickly is the only way to secure one at launch as there will be no stock in stores when the device releases on November 10.

According to one Game store manager contacted by CVG, the retailer told staff the news at a behind-closed-doors national conference last week. The site also spoke to four other stores this afternoon and received the same message each time.

"Microsoft hasn't sent us enough us Kinect units to fulfil all pre-orders and there still won't be enough for launch day," one sales rep said. "The message has gone round to all Game stores."

Another said it was "guaranteed" that there would be no stock on release day, while one predicted stock would be non-existent until after Christmas."

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ndibu3291d ago

The same people that claim not to care about Kinect. . .or sales. Wierd

big_silky3291d ago

They're just trying to gauge how bad the ass reaming is going to be.

AceofStaves3291d ago

Overrun? Way to exaggerate. Though I suppose logic has no place in the mindset of an irrational fantard.

Dread3291d ago

yes "overrun" is an accurate description. N4G is definately overrun by Sony fanboys. All you have to do is look at the comment section of any MS and Kenect related article and then look at the comment section of any Sony or move related article and you will see a huge difference.

lowcarb3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

Yeah I thought they didn't care about sales or Kinect. Good observation but also notice how posters likes acesofslaves spin it every time but admit it by not answering the question lol.

edit below: Maybe because you don't understand them meaning of certain comments. Scroll below down to strickers and Pennywise and then come at us with that crazy talk. Nobody's moaning only pointing out facts that do you no good.

forcefullpower3291d ago

I find it really ironic how you all moan about ps3 fanboys. Yet i have not seen a fanboy comment.

Yet you all argue amongst yourselves about ps3 fanboys. You guys seriously need some help.

OtherWhiteMeat3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

Funny,no one in these comments above talk about Kinect. How about some opinions about the product.Seems the "fanboys" are in your heads.

MorganX3291d ago

You will remain outnumbered. The PS3 has a web browseer. So you have thousands of users who have no computer and are not used to participating in civil discourse or disagreement. People who are not computer users or a part of many other online communities find this place via PS3 Web browser.

You have no chance of equaling or reasoning with the PS3 or any other "fanboy" communiity. So, just keep a good supploy of one-liners and lobby for the return of the open zone.

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Jaces3291d ago

Nothing but talk to hype up the fans and skeptical public even more. It goes to show just how little faith MS has in Kinect.

Come November we'll see just how many units are sold, for now I don't believe a word. :)

Mustang300C20123291d ago

LMFAO......this is what we call sensitive.

Raoh3291d ago

To put that into perspective, in 2005 Xbox 360 sold 70,000 units in its opening weekend in the UK.

I think the psmove launch was successful so i dont see why kinect wouldnt be either as far as selling well for an attachment..

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52pickup3291d ago

Perhaps they should be "working hard" to sort the lag and glitches out.

KMxRetro3291d ago

...which you haven't actually seen with your own eyes. Can't say I've noticed any problems with it.

divideby03291d ago

there are NO constrained parts for Kinect.

MS is just doing the smart thing... ship smaller allocations and build up hype

seriously... with all the apathy for Kinect last thing MS needs is to have store shelves overflowing with Kinects.... think about it...MS knows what they are doing

btw... our local gamestop is still taking pre-orders in store..

units3291d ago

just like sony did with the move

The Meerkat3291d ago

or nintendo did with the wii

divideby03291d ago

try and see the BIG picture of industry vs the myoptic gamers view point..
if you were in the hardware biz, you would do the same thang

and Sony, Big N. all do the same

and for the DAs please show me one constrained part for the Kinect

Omega43291d ago

Gotta love how the Kinect haters are already starting their spin a month before release lol. People just need to accept Kinect WILL be massive, end of discussion.

SexyPrawns3291d ago

Call any GameStop in America.

Kinect pre-orders aren't that high.

Armyntt3291d ago

Just did for sake of argument and i could give u the #. But he said "its typical as if it were for a console release"

Sarcasm3291d ago

"People just need to accept Kinect WILL be a massive failure, end of discussion."


Boody-Bandit3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

that's embarrassing. The one guy walks away frustrated and the girl jumps in and she still couldn't get the game to respond to her. Who cares how this device sells if this is what you are getting for your money?

This is just another over priced accessory from MS. The sad part about this one is it doesn't work. There are going to be a lot of upset new consumers come Christmas morning when device is a nightmare to calibrate and ends up not working because of it's restrictions and limitations.

I see a ton of frustrated consumers that will try to return this device shortly after purchase and some probable lawsuits headed MS's way. I just hope they have a lenient return policy for this device.

KMxRetro3291d ago

Yah...prerelease game being shown there. Maybe judge the final product?

strickers3291d ago

That may be true but that does not mean we cannot try and save people from themselves if they are easily suggestible.It's community thinking.You cheerleaders are helping swindle people.Cameras make limited game controllers,humans are tool users and you are just a tool.

MorganX3291d ago

PS3 fans are saving people from themselves by convincing them they should not buy Kinect.

Kinect ~$149
Move ~$100
That dumb shit you just said - Priceless

Bigpappy3291d ago

Hard to call that trolling. Good job strickers. Now teach the other trolls how to be effective. I am sick of them repeating themselves and copying each other.

KillerPwned3291d ago at least it wont be huge at the start it looks like shit right now. It needs time to improve and get better games. Its a waste of anyone`s money right now. When their are so many other good games for the 360 you can go get.

asyouburn3291d ago

there are hundreds of awesome games you could buy instead.

cliffbo3285d ago

please Omega4 buy a Kinect i want you to waste your money :)

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