Killzone 2: 25 Minute Gameplay Walkthrough

A 25 minute gameplay video walkthrough of Guerrilla Games' Killzone 2. Enjoy.

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Satanas4073d ago

Awesome find. It's pretty long but I'll get to watching it all soon. It seems like it is narrated by the developer for the entire length, so hopefully we'll learn some new stuff about the gameplay mechanics.

eXplotion4072d ago

Wh-Whats that? Halo? Never heard of it before...
*watches video again*

Fuzz McDeath4070d ago

...why you gotta go all fanboy already like that? Well, since you went there, please allow me to retort:

1. Can we call this game Gears of Resistance? What a mashup - gears aesthetic with Resistance pace and size...

2. Another brown game for the brown console - lets compare - PS3: Resistance, Lair, Warhawk, Motorstorm, KZ2 (yeah, Heavenly Sword has a color! Orange!!!). 360: Halo 3, BioShock, Mass Effect - my HDTV displays more than one color? Wow!

3. Listen to the amazing features: Cover (have to admit, I like the looks of the blind fire - props) - GoW did it better, more visceral and fun. Ragdoll physics - nice feature, for 2001. AI - again, nice feature for 2001. Boss fights? Did he say Boss fights? These guys are playing catch up. They are quoting astonishing features that franchises like Halo and Call of Duty nailed 5 years ago. If they get all these right, they'll achieve a standard, run of the mill FPS. Gonna have to get more than that to be anything special (Like, say, 4-player coop online, world class multiplayer, level-editor, saving/sharing screen caps and vids, etc...hmmm I think I know a game that has that stuff already...)

To be fair though, I've always like the art of Killzone, too bad its just so average. If this turns out great, I'll get it - but I'm not holding my breath....

HeartlesskizZ4073d ago

25 minutes of pure glory but i stil want to see some rain on the battlefield =)

Omegasyde4072d ago

screw rain I want to see multi-player footage.

QuackPot4072d ago (Edited 4072d ago )

I want to see useable vehicle footage - buggy, tank, aircraft.

Kaneda4072d ago

screw you guys...I want this game now!!

xaphanze4073d ago

is it just me or the graphics look better?
fire effects still need some work though.Anyway why am I complaining?still long road to go.

solidt124072d ago

The fire is about the only thing I think looked better in the 2005 footage but other than that this game looks better than the CGI video in 2005.

bluegoblin4069d ago

they could make the fire look like in Snake Eater thats good enough for me since everything else looks amazing!!!

HeartlesskizZ4073d ago

I really want to see how online turns out

HeartlesskizZ4073d ago

I just notice phil just let that guy know( the one playin at the end)
he really suck and that his lucky to be in godmode