GameCrush – Is It Even Worth It Now?

An opinion on GameCrush from a female perspective.

Golgotron says, "You may remember an article I posted months back about this site starting up called GameCrush, where “PlayDates,” i.e. lady gamers play with desperate men that are willing to shell out cash for a little bit of gaming companionship. Well, GameCrush has completely revamped their site and announced that they’re no longer in beta – they are live! I logged in (as a PlayDate FYI, I’ve been signed up as one since the site’s initial launch) and was met with a rather lengthy service agreement I had to accept before they would give me access to my profile. After I read everything and clicked all the “I Accept” buttons, I found myself wondering… Is it even worth trying to make cash on here as a PlayDate anymore?"

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versusALL3297d ago

Is It Even Worth It Now?-When was it?

Jayced3297d ago

Try reading the article and not just the title, it is from the girls pov, and working for Games Crush.

xino3297d ago

6min=$60 wtf!?

some people may say the service is lame and not worth it, though in the end others will use it!

Just like Kinect, I doubt it wouldn't do well with the no buttons thing. But the device is sold out in UK!