Dead Space 2 Multiplayer Impressions at Spawn Kill

In all honesty, I did not expect to be as impressed with Dead Space 2‘s multiplayer beta as I was. The Dead Space I know is all about being alone and terrified. The slower-paced intensity was perfectly matched with hectic combat, and I was absolutely sure that the same kind of feeling could never be captured in a multiplayer mode. Visceral Games proved me wrong.

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tigresa3295d ago

Sounds a lot like Left 4 Dead with a little favoring towards the Necromorphs. I'm sure when the game comes out they'll balance it a bit more to make both sides equally fun to play. :)

ShadowPraxis3295d ago

I played it and it was a bit L4D-ish. I was told multiplayer impressions were under embargo, but I've seen plenty of other outlets posting them, so I guess I should do up mine too.

Wasn't expecting to enjoy multi for DS2, but it looks like it has some potential.