Rumor: PSP Go drops price to $200 this Friday in North America

Joystiq: "Due to our strict silk pants-only policy, the PSP Go (and, really, any other handheld) has been a hard sell -- sure, the $250 asking price isn't helping, but that may be changing in the near future."

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LordMarius3293d ago

its still $250, lol. should be $130

Immortal Kaim3293d ago

Whilst looking for the price of the PSPGO on EBgames Aus (it actually turns out they don't sell it lol), I came across this...

They have the price of the 3DS as $348 Australian dollars...With Red and Blue launch units... Is this our first indication of the price in Western countries?

EYEamNUMBER13293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

everything in australia is expensive
i mean the dsi is 250 bucks over there the psp 280 dsiXL is 300 ps3 500 etc etc

on topic though seems kind of out of the blue don't they usually announce price drops?

darthv723293d ago

second hand though. It really is a nice little unit. I hate that sony has not done more for existing users in letting them trade in physical copies of games for voucher codes.

While I have both a 1000 and a go, I think i play the go more because of its size and convenience.

PS360fanboy3293d ago

In Portugal it's already 100 euros with 10 free games!!! Still, that's armed robbery if you ask me.

For 200 dollars, I doubt sales will even budge...

gamingdroid3293d ago

After the price drop you would still be a SECOND CLASS CITIZEN next to your PSP-3000 brethren.

Stick with the PSP-3000 and leave the PSP Go alone!

DasBunker3293d ago

c'mon sony PSP2 with dual joysticks ASAP!

Nitrowolf23293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

that should have been the original price of it (launch)
it doesn't add anything hugely new then the other PSP other then a redesign and a few more features (and UMDless)

awiseman3293d ago

thats still $200 to much for its pathetic dlc prices and single analog stick and did i mentiaon single analog stick?

f7897903293d ago

And a smaller screen which is one of the more expensive components.

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The story is too old to be commented.