New Killzone 2 Footage

New Footage Of Killzone 2.

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BlackIceJoe4073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

After looking at the trailer a few times I see on the second time Sev Melee's the control panel. So is Melee an any time move now or not. If it is able to used any time. I for one think that is great. I never liked having to get right in front of the bad guys to do it. Plus if Melee can now be used was that a mistake and the plan was not to show that now but save it for another time. That being said I think KZ2 really is coming along nicely and can't wait to play this game myself.

HeartlesskizZ4073d ago

Is he retard it or something? I seriously though he was going to kill that guyu with the R-launcher, why the ones who get to play the game always intend to suck and those are the same who give bad reviews.

Maddens Raiders4073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

What was that thing at the end? This game is silly dumb kids!!!

Demo Please!

MarioFromTexas4073d ago

where are all the pink suits and the purple 3 foot tall aliens. I mean come on they could of added E.T. as well. No purple ships either, this game is for kids only using greys and blacks...KZ2 is a kiddie game with all that blood and last gen graphics. I feel bad for all you xbots, I mean i feel bad for you sony fanboys with this kiddie game.

Maddens Raiders4073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

Mario, Mario, Mario....

Dude are you serious? How old are you man?lol

Picture this man saying it's silly dumb and please don't call me an Xbot..pfftt. silly kid. =]

fopums4073d ago

oh its almost painfull to watch becuase the player is so terrible lol! why didnt he melee that helghast!? I can see him meleeing that control switch on accident....

@ Maddens Raiders

I agree, that robot is crazy! apparently a few bosses in KZ: liberation were a bit outlandish, you fight Commander Cobar when he's in a mech of some sort....its strange but if its fun to fight Im all for it!

Rybnik4073d ago

I know you guys are joking around, but you do realize that the robot is the same vehicle seen at the end of the E3 05' video--it even has about the same audio!!

big_tim4073d ago

It looks great. Of course there is plenty to do to make it better. I hope they take notice how other games are doing explosions (ie GRAW2 and COD4). The end of the level would have been more spectacular with explosions similar to the games mentioned. I am not hating on KZ2. I am wishful that it will happen.

Zor4073d ago

This is just the very beginning of the way the game is going to look, just wait and see onces its down the road :D

Danielson4073d ago

You know a lot of developers say that the polishing stage towards the end of development is when the game really starts to shine, if thats any indication of what will happen to Killzone then it is going to look out of this world

Bonsai12144073d ago

that looks incredibly good. but the player sucks.. "you're out of rockets too" my lord

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The story is too old to be commented.