Kotaku Preview: There Is a Game Inside the Game of Fable III, and Other Details

Fable III. It's a big Xbox 360 medieval adventure that mixes the feel of Arthurian legend with Monty Python silliness. Occurs 50 years after Fable II. You're playing the son or daughter of the last game's hero, going on quests and making promises to the people of the land about what you would do if you should one day be king, while your miserable brother (aka the kingdom's ruler) is up to no good. The little-seen latter portion of the game puts you in control of the kingdom and liable to deliver or deny the promises you made in the game's first portion.

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Rowland3293d ago

The Fable series is cartoony, goofy, linear, and has shallow RPG gameplay mechanics - this would be right at home on the Wii.

Why peter molyneux has gone down the casual gaming route after promising and spectacularly failing to deliver an RPG masterpiece is a complete mystery as he & Lionhead Studios are undoubtedly very talented and capable of doing so.

Of course financial success has been forthcoming so I doubt anyone's bothered but then that's the case with many mediocre games such as movie tie-ins and run of the mill FPS's.

What a wasted opportunity to be great and yet another let down for the adult true-RPG gaming community.

Myst3292d ago

Hmm, still a bit weary after 2 but I'm willing to give this one a try. I really just want to test out the co-op for the most part as well as see how the story pans out. May attempt to do all the missions this time around as well..