Split/Second DLC Packs Officially Revealed, Starts Today (Gameplaybook)

Disney Interactive has revealed the downloadable content packs coming for Split/Second, with the first one arriving today! Find out what new tracks and cars you can race with...

For good measure, we've also included a trailer!

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Buff10443289d ago

I thought this was announced weeks ago?

TheDCD3289d ago

It was announced, but today they actually revealed what the DLC is.

Quagmire3289d ago

Am loving every minute of this game. Seriously a great arcade racing game, imo better than burnout.

Ares84PS33289d ago

In no way, shape or form this is better than Burnout Paradise.

Redempteur3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

why choose one ?
i enjoy both split /Second and burnout ..and all of you should enjoy them too

my only problem with split/second is the unforgiving online rank system's useless to try to raise your rank if you don't have the 2 most powerfull cars in the game making some trophies impossible now that the online to saturated with those (cars )

ZILLA3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

i agree,i was a huge BURNOUT fan but after playing SPLIT/SECOND theres no going back.SPLIT/SECOND is the GREATEST arcade racer to date.

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