ARS: Super Scribblenauts fixes problems of original

ARS: There are puzzles in Super Scribblenauts where you see a row of different items and have to generate and then place an item between them, an item that has shared characteristics. So, for instance, I had a puzzle showing a leech, a vampire, a helicopter, and a bird. At first, I tried to think of something that sucked blood and could fly... a mosquito? The game accepted it, and the level was beaten. To master the lever, however, I had to find three different solutions.

Another puzzle had buildings and animals. I typed "wooden bear" and the game promptly generated the beast and I beat the level. I added squirt guns and a beach ball to a level to get a party started. I used a hang glider to help a man jump off a cliff safely. I'm not giving anything away; these are simple answers. You can come up with many, many more. Super Scribblenauts is a game that took the problems of the original and made them go away. That's a very good thing.

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