Games for the Poor - Part Three

"Not everyone can afford brand new blockbusters at their usual price of $60, or even $40 handheld games. I myself always find myself longing whenever a new entry in my favorite series comes out. But that doesn’t mean that poor people can’t play games at all—they just have to look into the past a little bit. This series is for featuring quality games at an affordable price. Some of them might be famous, some of them might be obscure, but all of them will be enjoyable and less than $10." |

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sarydactl3426d ago

Feel free to name cheap games you know about so I can feature them at a later time.

isarai3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

Viking Battle for Asgard = $5 used
Rise of the Argonauts = $7 new, $5 used
The Saboteur = $13 used
NIER = $15 new, $13 used

All fantastic games i got really addicted to

CanadianTurtle3426d ago

This article is genius! Why didn't I think of this! This is very useful for someone like me.

3425d ago