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As I sit here blankly staring at the article submission back-end of this very website, I’m pondering a quick witted quip to start this review of Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions and I can’t seem to formulate anything that would make the snarky Peter Parker proud. I find myself focusing too much on my love/hate relationship that I have with the game. There are many aspects of the game that are inherently cool because you assume the role of four different web slinging super heroes while others leave you wondering what the good people over at Beenox were thinking when developing the game.

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Davedough3293d ago

Game had so much potential, just didn't come together.

rroded3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

finished it n still felt jewed
the stan lee voice overs we're painful tho not as bad as playin spidy noir
the voices on the other 3 spidy's wasnt bad tho the fighting n camera made it less fun than it should've been. N the story itself was a crapfest madam web sucks chunks.

bgrundman3293d ago

I am not surprised that the gave didn't live up to the hype. That said, I hear that the voice acting was pretty solid.

starven3293d ago

Meh, another super hero game biting the dust. Anyone really surprised.

Crash551183293d ago

I haven't been interested in any superhero game for a long time, I suppose I should play AA, but haven't been enticed enough to pick it up.

geekacres3293d ago

...even as a die-hard Spidey fan, I can't see myself buying it. But I have added it to my Gamefly queue.

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