Dead Rising 2 Weapon Combos on Your iPhone

Bashing a zombie in the face with a baseball-bat can be fun and all, but it's far more awesome to swing an Infernal Arm or a Tesla Ball. What? You don't know what a Tesla Ball is? You have no idea how to create an Infernal Arm?

We're here to help, friend.

* What you need is a complete list of every Combo Weapon in Dead Rising 2, including ingredients for each and how may times you can use each one.

We've got that.

* Would it be handy to know where you can purchase the keys to all those killer cars you see sitting around but can never get into?

We've got that.

* How about a list of short-cuts you can use to shorten your travel time between zones?

Yeah, we got that.

* Would it be useful to know the location of free Zombrex?

Step inside.

* Want to earn extra PP by giving gifts to Katey, but don't know where to start?

We've got you covered for .99-cents!

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