Critical Gamer: Goldeneye Wii at Eurogamer Expo 2010

Critical Gamer writes: The impact Goldeneye had on me and, I suspect, every gamer in the universe at the time, was enormous. On consoles at least, there was very little out there that had as much multiplayer pull as Goldeneye. Today’s widely held belief that the best games are the games you can play with your friends, either online or in the same room, has its origins in a few titles, of which Nintendo can lay claim to two of the giants in Goldeneye and Mario Kart. Both titles are shoe ins for my Desert Island Games, as they will be for many a gamer of my generation I don’t doubt.

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Jim Crikey3293d ago

I... did want Goldeneye. Now not so sure.

scruffy_bear3293d ago

Got a working N64 and 4 controllers and one copy of Golden Eye so your more than welcome to come round and play it :), as Jim saids not so sure now I'll wait and see

Mondayding3293d ago

Yeah. Is it worth shelling out for a classic controller or two? I don't have a working N64 anymore. Depends on what else comes out at the time - there's bound to be something else demanding my money...

Titanz3293d ago

Birds of a feather flock together, right guys?

Its pretty lame to take an opinion of "one" preview can say you don't buy wanna the game anymore, at least wait for the reviews to come in.

matey3293d ago

IGN are trust worthy i think and they say it looks graphically better than bloodstone at this present time they also say not to take anything away from bizzare creations but at this present time eurocom have the better graphics so i wouldnt listen to this punk as IGN speak the truth if a wii game looks rubbish they are quick to tell u so i beleive ign onthis 1 as they have played more recent builds than any1 else

Cubes3293d ago

I just hope they don't sully the name of the classic original game. Please be good!!