1UP Previews Killzone 2; Rocket Launcher Cam Gameplay Video from

The anticipation for Guerilla Games to deliver on Killzone 2 has been dangerous. If the team didn't live up to the cinematic (and obviously CG) trailer from E3 2005, they'd have a hard time garnering any sense of credibility moving forward. Thankfully for everyone (including gamers), Killzone 2 debuted at E3 2007 to rabid buzz. Was it pixel-for-pixel like the trailer? No, but that they managed to come close is a feat all its own. At Games Convention 2007, 1UP finally picked up the controller to see how it all comes together.

The video is embedded below.

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reaperxciv4164d ago (Edited 4164d ago )

can't kill the noob with the rocket launcher? Is the AI it dumbed-down or the other way around?

soccerstar4164d ago

He had God-Mode turned on

TriggerHappy4164d ago

That is the Power of GODMODE

madness4164d ago

yes, lets have the game kill all the people with first time hands on experience in the 5,10,15 minutes they have to play and review the game.

DrPirate4164d ago (Edited 4164d ago )

I'm sorry if I sound like a deranged PS fanboy but.

This video makes Killzone 2 look like all that an a bag of potatoe chips.

The environments and lighting really make this game look like the most immersive video-game war (And I don't mean like, Halo war or Call of Duty war, it sucks you right into it's own world and it makes it feel believable, and all this from a video) experience that I've seen in quite some time, possibly only rivaled by the first time I played Call of Duty 1.

Shooting the Helghan soldiers with that submachine gun looked awesome, it achieves a visceral feeling unlike any other. The blood effects were quite nice too.

I also can't wait to see what the Killzone lounge is going to be like. Going in there, meeting up with a few players and just joining into a game together. I hope it's a recreation of a Helghan city, lighting and background war noises included.

Also, here's a tip: Go to

See that map that's there if you explore the site? Telling you what's under who's occupation. This may have to do with the persistent online world. Say the Helghan occupy Magus City, the Vekta can launch a campaign to retake it, or you can choose to attack an ammo dump and cut them off from using advanced weaponry or limiting their ammo at spawn or anything. So much potential dear God I can't wait :P

Foliage4164d ago

You raise some great points. Well done.

TriggerHappy4164d ago

heard about the rumored Killzone 2 online features. According to the rumors, it will feature something like a world map and the depending on who is controlling the territory, the environment will be diferent.

DrPirate4164d ago

Merc, i did not hear that :P

Thanks for that little bit of info, it was just a random theory drawn up from the map I saw there (Since I go there to get my Killzone: Liberation Unlocked Content)

Bubbles for everyone in this thread since this game put me in a good mood :)

Douche4164d ago

I'm glad someone is still with me on that theory. "A constantly changing battlefield depending on who is controlling it." Or something like that. If the ISA are controlling it, the area is a clean environment with citizens supposively living peacefully. And once the Helghast take over, it becomes just as we see it now. The skies become cloudy and the environment becomes dirty. And the atmosphere is gritty has the same gritty look. That will be like a FPS+MMOG in one game. That's insane. We can only hope. The map is a great reference. I have come across that an entire month and never came to that conclusion. It was so obvious. I can only hope that's the truth. Somone should go make a thread on the US forums about that map since MotherH (Seb) is on there a lot. I wonder what he'd say.

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Foliage4164d ago (Edited 4164d ago )

"playing in god mode by the way, if you are thinking why you are still alive" He said it in the video.

QuackPot4164d ago (Edited 4164d ago )

The ones on the E3 2005 target trailer were so sweet....just like the explosions.

Plenty of time to fix.

Meus Renaissance4164d ago

Whenever KillZone 2 information and videos gets shown, it just kills any other game news, sorry.

This is amazing. I'm downloading every single footage I can find and creating a personal montage to watch :)

QuackPot4164d ago (Edited 4164d ago )

the development gameplay & graphics to the release product. Should be like night & day.

Damn, I'm hoping they release Killzone late 2008 so they get everything perfect.

Don't want any rushed job.

Foliage4164d ago

You should post it when you are done, I'm interested in it at least.

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