Movemodo review: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 (PS3 / Move)

Quoting Movemodo's Henry Stockdale:

"The motion controls help to bring a refreshing change to Tiger Woods' latest outing. Providing a high level of control, they'll either delight or frustrate, depending on how much time you want to put into mastering your swing. Gamers just after a simple game of golf without having to worry about the rotation of their wrists should look elsewhere, but anyone serious about the game will likely lap this up."

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JohnnyMann4203291d ago

How come everywhere else, they said the controls are cumbersome and unfriendly? Also I have the move and T Woods with it isn't great at all. Is Movemodo just a move asskissing website?

If so I would prefer to stick with others opinions.

pixelsword3291d ago

I would prefer to stick with my own opinion :D

At any rate, movemodo may have people who are accustomed to motion controlled gaming, not just some joystick jockey that may or may not like motion controls to start with; and even if they are interested, they may not have the wherewithal to even begin to use motion controls effectively.

I'm interested in solar mechanics, for example, but see if I ever sit through an engineering course. :P

trevlac3291d ago

Movemodo playtested Tiger 11 with two different reviewers and found the motion controls to work just fine, as you might expect in a golf game.

We're not shy of saying if we don't like how Move is implemented in a game:

So we're certainly not kissing Ubisoft's ass at least :-)

EVILDEAD3603291d ago

Yeah..the other site pummeled EAs implementation of Move in Tiger 11..but Wii still get's love for it's Tiger editions..

Cryptech3291d ago

I found it hard but started to get the hang of it, my only problem was to make a good swing I can only get the power up to around %82 which kinda suck. TO get to %100 I have to swing way too hard it seems.

EVILDEAD3603291d ago

The power thing would suck on the T-shots..but how are the approach and is the putting any good?

Cryptech3291d ago

Both are good I've had to adjust the sweet spots on my clubs up to %80 to make it more forgiving. I really like the putting. It doesnt feel too much different, but at the same time it does, lol. Its really easy to push or pull if you are not really focused on a smooth back and through while trying to get the power just right, add fast greens and you will really feel the pressure.

EVILDEAD3603291d ago are really tempting me to buy Tiger for Move.. honest..rate the Tiger 11 fun factor with move from 1 to 10...

Cryptech3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

I would rate it at a 8/10. Its quite a bit of fun , while not perfect its interesting to say the least. Prepare to be quite frustrated while you learn the proper swing, lol, just like the real deal. I look forward to TW 2012 thats for sure. To see if they improve on it. you could always rent it, but they have the stupid "project $10"

Also, you could always try the TW 2011 demo at the PSN store, pretty sure its Move compatible. If you dont have the Move I highly recommend the Sports Champions Package. Endless hours of fun!

TheHardware3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

your review just sold me. bubs