EA Denies Claim of Tiger Woods Nudity Glitch

It’s no secret that people love to hack videogames and add their Easter egg-y shenanigans. Surely, we all remember the “Hot Coffee” debacle of a few years back, involving Grand Theft Auto and the secret stage that allowed players to conduct, uh, private meetings with the ladies of the street.

Well, now it appears that videogame giant Electronic Arts may have a similar sort of wrinkle on its hands involving Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11. Jo Eley, who hails from Britain, claims she “spent ages” creating her Tiger Woods custom avatar only to have it suddenly tee off wearing only white pants. (Yup, “she” was topless.)

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ugo3733d ago

and they said hacking was for home-brewing

rockleex3732d ago

It's not EA's fault.

Tiger Woods just couldn't keep his hands off women whether in real life or in the game. XD

EazyC3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

Wait, how come there is only one comment (bar mine) on a currently 160-degree hotness news story? I'm getting scared.... 0_o

OT: I wouldn't be surprised if PGA:2011 sales shoot through the roof by tomorrow!

Pain3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

and yet the funny thing is..

Most sites blocked out the boobies..but if you go to the Sun's website the Uk site.. lol typical euro's its un censored..

Gotta love the Sun they never block the boobies fake or real! :D

T3MPL3TON 3733d ago

EA: We are categorically denying boobies.
Woman: They're right there on my screen..
EA: Nope.

trains3733d ago

why the fuck are boobs classed as nudity its stupid just because there the first part of puberty in a girl they are censored they might as well censor adams apples and facial hair

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