ISM: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Review Spirit of Series Returns

After 25 years of producing Castlevania games, Konami officially stated that Castlevania Lords of Shadow was going to be re-booted. The developers of Castlevania (loosely based on Bram Stoker’s Dracula wanted to revitalize the franchise by creating a whole new story.

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TeenGoten3293d ago

Looks pretty good, the demo was ok but the character looks so generic, anyway I will check this out.

showtimefolks3293d ago

i was really looking forward to this but even though its 20 plus hrs i rather get a awsome game that's 8-10 hrs than a ok/good one with 20 plus.

enslaved and this will be in bargin bin fast just because how busy Q1 2011 is people will forget about these games so they will have to lower the prices think about it 2011 is jammed pack

TeenGoten3293d ago

I will check it out though, the game looks very interesting.