Make Way DS, PSP and iPhone, Here Are 10 Windows Phone 7 Games In Action

Kotaku writes: "The $200 Windows Phone 7 telephones launching on November 8 will be a new portable gaming option, the first one compatible with aspects of Xbox Live. Here are eight 10 of the "launch wave" titles. Should Nintendo, Apple and Sony quake? Update: Two games added.

A note about the phones in the following videos. The HTC is a surround-sound phone launching in November. The Samsung is a prototype phone, not an official product."

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hoops3293d ago

the lineup looks good

ryuzu3293d ago

Well there's one sold - so who's next? Anybody?

Come on, someone must be interested in an MS wince-based iPhone ripoff after the MS iPod ripoff did so well!! No? Oh, ok.... sorry shareholders.


hoops3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

What I find simply amazing are people like you.
The UI interface for Win phone 7 is different from anything out there. And MS gets blasted for it. If MS went with the icon style buttons...they would get blasted for it saying they ripped off Apple (and rightly so. It would have been a copy of IOS and Androind)So they use a tile based system which no phone is using and it works well and is fast and smooth...and you say its a rip-off of Apple. LOL.
The irony is APPLE copied MS with its "new" game center. Its a pure rip-off of XBL for the iphone. I assume that was Apple inpsired?

3291d ago
PS3-2473293d ago

I'm not impressed. I don't like that your hands are blocking the screen.

tinybigman3293d ago

I can't take gaming on cell phones seriously. it's not as engrossing as playing on a home console or handheld. the only games to me that they are good for are card, and puzzle games.

Elvfam5113293d ago

Wow that phone is hot for games i wonder how everything else is...

HolyOrangeCows3293d ago

LOL, oh look! Microsoft made their own little Iphone sku.

FragGen3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

Bloggers are retarded: They say the PSP doesn't have enough buttons/controls and then they hype systems without any dedicated controls at all. Personally, I want my next GAMING handheld to have as close to a one to one mapping to a dual shock 3 or x360 controller as physically possible.

I have an android phone but do not consider it a gaming device at all. Two or three games is enough for my phone because I'd have to be trapped in an elevator or something to even consider gaming on it for more than five minutes at a time.

Until hardware manufacturers start including dedicated controls, I'll continue to maintain a separate system for handheld gaming when traveling, for my kids use, etc (I only game for more than a minute or two in certain situations, I usually KNOW when I want to bring my PSP).

If some H/W manufacturer does a viable gaming phone with slide out controls (please, Sony), I'm sold, though. I can text with an onscreen K/B but will not game (beyond casual stuff) with onscreen controls.

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PS360fanboy3293d ago

Looks pretty good but after seeing rage on the iphone my standards are a bit higher.

Fatal Blow3293d ago

I have an iphone 4 and to me its not a gaming device its just a good smart phone that i use every day if i wanted to play a portable game then i will play on my dsi xl or psp

condorstrike3293d ago

It's ok, no competition for 3ds though.... also, a little 2 late to the market, M$ should just stick to making a real handheld, I'm sorry to say but they already have a bad phone reputation...
and the only people I see buying this are techno-beavers...uhm geeks.

etownone3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

A real handheld? well, I think Nintendo and Sony have hat covered.

And I actually think MS have really done a smart move with wp7.

- Smartphones are the future, accept it. more and more people everyday are usig their smartphone to access the Internet instead of their home pc's.
- I'm 35 and rather not carry a portable gaming console with me, so gaming on the go with iPhone, android or wp7 is fine by me.
- my kid is 13 and he stopped gaming on his portables almost two years ago cause him and his friends game on their iPhone/touch. Cause it's easier to sneak into school and games are really cheap.

I mean seriously, think about it. Every kid nowadays has a phone, so why wouldn't they rather have a cell phone with Xbox LIvE.
As well as everyone on this board, so called "gamers", if you put all the fanboy sh1t aside, wouldn't you rather have a great cell phone that also has Xbox LIvE?

Then again ... if it was Sony and a cell phone with PSN on it, it be like he second coming of Jesus.

hoops3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

The Win situation for MS is it does not have to build the hardware for winphone7. It just supplies the platform (OS)
and they are in the handheld business through the backdoor without the expense of hardware. This is the same thing you will see with Android when they release Gingerbread in the next year.

"Then again ... if it was Sony and a cell phone with PSN on it, it be like he second coming of Jesus."

Well this is N4G.COM....Sony is god on this site. Second. All the Sony fans that are bashing cell phone games will do a full 180 when Gingerbread hits because rumor has it SOny is partnering with Android for it.
So you will see the Sony clan on N4G.COM say how Android ROXORS for GAMES and MS AND APPLE's coming. Mark this page...THe N4G.COM 12 year old grade school fanboys are coming

Unbornkirkster193293d ago

Two problems with what you said.
1. Why would you let your son take a video game device to school?
2. Why does he have a phone? Hes 13! and an iphone/ipad at that.
For some reason you seem kind of outta place here with your comment. I smell a Microsoft employee!.. just jumping to conclusion for the halabit.

Spinal3292d ago

Well said, I agree with alot of that.

I use my iPhone 4 as my phone an its great as a lil handheld gaming device an web browser. I have no space to be carryin a handheld game console an a phone in both pockets as well as my car keys, wallet etc. Smartphones are the future.

WP7 does not look like a rip off of the iphone if anything the andriod OS looks more like iOS of apple.

I would buy an WP7 if a good deal came on the Dell Venue Pro in the UK. As im currently only using a pay as you go I wouldnt mind a new line rental. An i still love my iphone an wouldn't trade it for anythin.

Stealth20k3293d ago

If anything the psp 2 would have optional phone touch screen features so its a handheld for gaming first with regular physical controls which are confirmed, and a physical medium which is confirmed as well.

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