Xbox 360 Dashboard Update Features Revealed

Microsoft Studios has begun contacting registered members of Xbox LIVE to inform them of a service update coming to the Xbox 360. Following an update to the terms & conditions of the service agreement for the Xbox LIVE network, gamers will soon receive features most closer in relation to that of the Windows Phone platform and forthcoming Windows 8 OS.

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mathsman3263d ago

Whole bunch of improvements there, but you might think they're a little late really.

kevco333262d ago

Cusomisable dashboards have been too long coming, especially since WP7 has featured it with a similar interface for two years.

And I bet you still won't be able to get rid of the ads.

crxss3262d ago

anyone remember the "blades"?? that was a cool UI back then

HammadTheBeast3262d ago

I hate how they optimize the UI specifically for ads. I can just Imagine, 4 tiles of ads for one useful feature.

otherZinc3262d ago

Stop complaining about those ads.

Ive been playing games all damn day, I turn my console on, I'm online, I hit the A button & the game starts! I havent seen an ad yet!

Its ridiculous how people complain about things that dont matter. When I have nothing to do, I'll look at the ads, I often find things I've forgotten about.

The ads are fine, if you dont want to look at them, dont...

M_Prime3262d ago

i think people complain about ads because we pay for LIVE and they expect no ads. Though i honestly don't mind them. Sometimes they remind me about something cool

knifefight3262d ago

It'll be interesting to see what they can do with it.

AngelicIceDiamond3262d ago (Edited 3262d ago )

What people seem to forget is the body of Xbox Live is ALL of your entertainment into one. Xbox Live is the central hub of most entertainment movies/Tv sports, music popular game sites IGN, gamespot TV and of course games. MS is promoting everything.

I could care less about the ads they don't bother me I don't look at them. I either head straight to gaming or I head straight to Netflix or YouTube or whatever else I feel like doing. Ads are small, minor easily avoidable.

Legion3262d ago

You have maybe 1 add in the lower right hand box. You act as if it something that pops up and hits you in the face.

Not a single add is obtrusive and glares at you in the face.

They are simply placed and hinder the experience absolutely none at all.

wages of sin3261d ago


No, people complain about the ads because they are ignorant and in some cases stupid.

Almost everything you buy or pay for has ads. Do you pay for cable? Your phone, it doesn't have ads? When you pay for a movie, you don't see ads?

Furthermore most of the ads deal with gaming or entertainment. Most of the time I don't even notice them and it's not a big deal considering the quality of the service. PSN has some of the same features but it isn't even close in terms of quality and ease of use. If you live in some country where live isn't fully featured then that's understandable. I don't have that problem so it's not even debatable.

SilentNegotiator3261d ago

"anyone remember the "blades"??"

Uhhh....YEAH. Still my absolute favorite. The most simplistic of all of them. No mess of boxes made to impress an optional interface....just simple left/right, up/down control.

SilentNegotiator3261d ago

"Almost everything you buy or pay for has ads. Do you pay for cable? Your phone, it doesn't have ads? When you pay for a movie, you don't see ads?"

You know, I usually see the other side of an argument, at least a little bit, but in this case.....this STUPID.

First of all, don't hang cable ads over people's're probably too young to have seen it, but in the 90s, there was a big resistance to paying for TV when ads already existed. Look at today even...a lot of people disagree with paying for public TV when they already run on ads.

Phone ads? Do you mean telemarketers (which is like blaming doors for Witnesses), or ads in optional services?

And movie previews? Those are 99% previews for OTHER FILMS. The ads appearing on the 360 are 50x as often not game related.

r1sh123261d ago

I can understand why quite a few people dont like the Ad's, but they are not too intrusive, many of the ads are based around what is available on the Xbox, a few are of outside products E.g Lynx deodoran etc..
MS arguement >
"Im sure that many users do not notice the ads too"
So they can continue with them.
Personally they aren't too bad, but if I pay for XBL then I should have a choice to opt out of them, or some form of discount.

Back on topic
The evolution of the dashboard has pretty much moved with the times, MS knew the previous iteration was not efficient, they made it better to an extent. With the hardware not changing they made the dashboard more responsive and fluid, now they are incorporating it into the ecosystem.
MS are now aiming to make an all in one ecosystem, so wherever you go you can access something that is very similar if not identical.

Quetzll3261d ago

Not just the ads.. but the big huge gray thing that takes up the bottom half of EVERY theme. never understood that.

Perjoss3261d ago

lol @ ad complaints, they are advertising things that are available on Live, you see the same on PSN too, in fact the ads on PSN are the largest 'box' are they not?

stop moaning and start gaming.

Megaton3261d ago

Now they defend ads, too. Microsoft's running powerful pimp game.

ziggurcat3261d ago

@ otherzinc:

if you're paying for XBL then you shouldn't have to deal with ads, honestly. PSN is absolutely free, and there aren't any ads plastered all over the XMB.

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deno3262d ago

Many improvements but where are the games?

iamgoatman3261d ago

Forza Horizon at the end of the month with Halo 4 shortly after that.

deno3261d ago (Edited 3261d ago )

Halo 4 and forza horizon are definitely day one purchase. I just want microsoft to concentrate on games like they did with the original xbox. You guys remember, jet set radio, panzer dragoon, doom 3, otagi 1 & 2, gunvalkyrie, outrun 2, steel battalion, the suffering, hunter. Dashboard is great and all but I and many xbox fans want more games. New ips are crucial. Always loved microsft products. I have a zune hd, nokia lumia 900, acer timelinex 5830tg laptop, xbox original, xbox 360, microsoft blue mouse and arch keyboard.

tallkidoPL3261d ago

cod bo2 is coming out soon

optimus3262d ago

I've had the beta version of this for about a month or so and i think i've only used the browser once just to see how it works, overall, so far the dashboard is nothing special.

OneAboveAll3262d ago

Why are people disagreeing with you? You are 100% corrects. I'v only used it once to see how IE worked and while smooth, I don't like how you have to use the courser to move around the virtual keyboard to type.

They couldn't have just used the system they have when sending messages on 360 where you can use the d-pad? It's a lot faster.

I also don't like how everything seems... bigger. The dash also seems to take longer to boot now too.

What I wish MS would do is fix the terrible party chat system. Still tired of getting randomly kicked.

greenpowerz3262d ago

They hit disagree because they disagree with his @55 lol

Most have thought It's a great update. Perhaps a troll would come to his defense of a comment not worth the time it took to type it.

A fool may wonder why people would dare disagree. Lol

M_Prime3262d ago

I know what you mean. I have my PC hooked into my TV so browsing the web will always be faster on my PC. Also on the wii I used to use the browser for youtube to show my friends stuff but now there is a YOUTUBE app so no reason for that. I think a few people will find the feature useful but the majority of us will not care. I know the PS3 has a browser and i, nor my friends ever use it. I would rather look something up on my Iphone then use my console to browse.

however i do have 1 friend who has a old laptop and uses his xbox for all the steaming services so he may have a use for IE

optimus3262d ago (Edited 3262d ago )

@OneAboveAll... I think that the people that disagree are the ones that just READ about the features but haven't actually experienced them like you and I... They read "custom dashboard" in an article and right away think "cool" but having a "block" on your dash dedicated to content you have pinned isn't exactly customizing... There are countless posts and threads in the beta forum complaining about that aspect of it...

And if i don't see the big deal about a browser that WILL NOT have flash support and cannot be used along side other apps or while playing games but they do then they can disagree i guess...whatever floats their boat.

A lot of people like to disagree sometimes because they don't have enough bubbles and it makes them feel like they said something...ah well, we'll see if they'll love the dashboard as much as they think they will in a month or so...they'll be back here complaining about it i'm sure.

JasonBloodbourne3262d ago

Your on the nose about the time it takes too boot up mate. I swear with every update in this beta program it's taking longer and longer for my Xbox to boot up! Really starting to get on my nerves

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ALLWRONG3262d ago (Edited 3262d ago )

He maybe getting the disagrees because people think he is full of it. Lots of stealth.

mcgrottys3262d ago

yeah the browser doesn't seem special on its own, but I have tried using a WP7 (companion app acts as a xbox remote) with it and it was much better than hooking up my laptop, because I don't have to plug it in. But I don't see myself adopting it for a while.

And I just remembered the xbox does support USB keyboards so that might be something I might try using as well.

etownthree3262d ago

if the keyboard is so important just use the Xbox controller keyboard accessory for the controller

mcgrottys3261d ago


I don't have it, though I may get it eventually.

ramiuk13262d ago

i also in beta and the browser cant even play youtube ,i suppose there is an app but its not the point.
the dash is slower than the current dash with more ads.

still no smartglass app for android so that part hasnt been tested.
getting to message people still takes forever so i dont bother,
no idea why it cant be a quick button press to thank the current fifa player or something,instead it takes about 3 minutes just to get to the message and send it.

icons bigger on dash
has a tv guide on it but then it just gives info about programs with no way to play them(deadly 60 for example)

you CANNOT customize it either(beta at least) the most you have choice with is pin stuff into a folder.

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ChunkyLover533262d ago

Its definitely one of the benefits to being an Xbox Live Gold Member, we all await the new dashboard features, I personally love the new look, I didn't hate the last look, but found it a bit confusing at first, definitely like the new one much better.

I've been in the dash beta since it started and think the pin features, larger icons and additions of Internet Explorer and some of the other features really tighten up an already tight online service.

M_Prime3262d ago

i wish they would have brought back all those VIDEOS like SENTUAMESSAGE and all the other programs like that. Though SENTUAMESSAGE was my fave because it was funny and informative and i honestly bought games i saw on those programs.

I know its not a feature but i miss them

gcolley3262d ago

yeah, they seem to have gone backwards in the game video department over the years to the point where it is completely lost.

Syntax-Error3262d ago

I used to be a huge 360 supporter, but I swear that $60 a year is a killer for me now. The fact that PSN charges $50 a year as CHOICE and not mandatory is a thumbs up for me. PSN plus members get free games, discounts, and demos that regular non paying customers dont get. As for XBL, you have to PAY 2 PLAY. That's bullshit! PSN gave away inFamous 2 for free. When has XBL given a free 360 game? Gears 1 is old as dirt and they are still charging you to download it. Fuck the browser, PS3 had it out the box since 2006.

DiRtY3262d ago

Why are so many people talking about the ads? I don't even notice them. I mean if you go to the video store and you see one icon with a link to a new released movie to get on VoD - Is that the 'oh so bad ad' for you?

Going to the games section and new DLC for Forza 4 is promoted - Is that a bad thing? I actually think it is more informative than annoying.

Anyway, people will try to find a bad thing about this as well. If MS cures cancer, N4G will whine about all those doctors losing their job.

optimus3262d ago

There are a heck of a lot more whiners in the xbox beta forums than in here that's for sure. Like you, the 1 or 2 ads don't bother me but everyone else calls the promotions you see in the other boxes ads and all they do is create threads complaining about these days, i swear.

OneAboveAll3262d ago

Because they have ads that aren't related to gaming also. Or game ads for games that aren't even on the Xbox!

Such as World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria. WHY IS THAT THERE? WE CAN'T PLAY IT!

GearSkiN3262d ago

Can wait to try smartglass

Mikefizzled3262d ago

I've been part of the beta and its fracking awesome.

gcolley3262d ago

not being in the beta myself, what do you use it for?

GearSkiN3261d ago (Edited 3261d ago )

its available at the beta...?? coz im at the beta...

tried to look on my Nexus 7 and it wont show any so i guess cant try it yet

M_Prime3262d ago

Same here. It looks so cool